Life is bizarre, ain’t it?

Full of good times and regrets.

What you have today might be,

What you once thought you’d never get.

But then of course you lose a lot too,

Your loves ones, family and friends.

Life keeps you on your toes 24*7,

Struggling hard to meet both ends.

Every moment teaches you a lesson,

Lessons worth cherishing till you die.

Life brings you days of happiness,

And also the ones that make you cry.

But is it all pre-planned?

Everything that happens to you.

Or is every incidence only a consequence,

Of all the slightest of things that you do.

It’s easy to blame others,

For all that goes wrong.

Self introspection is all that it takes,

And that way the work is done.

This life is too short for hatred,

Spread smiles and wipe them tears away.

Love truly, madly and deeply,

Let nothing bring you down today!



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Mahima Aggarwal

I am a 19 years old young adult. Born and brought up in Gurgaon but presently based in New Delhi. Living in two different metropolitan cities has taught me lessons that nothing else could have. I don't really have a specific writing pattern. I pen down things that I've personally gone through or have had the chance of hearing directly from the horse's mouth. I genuinely try to remain happy, like always. I'm a sucker for love. Play good music and I can start dancing even on the middle of the road. Give me food and I'll be your friend forever. Don't judge me until you know me enough. #KThanksBye 🙂

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