Feminism seems to be perpetually all over the social media, in the news and television today. A lot of men and women seem heaved down and upset with extreme feminists who come across as rather pushy and power hungry as opposed to wanting gender equality. A lot of men & women also tend to look at all feminists with a preconceived notion. To all those misguided, unbalanced…who have a distorted interpretation of the word…here is the real deal. The wide gap between… Feminism and how different feminists interpret it.

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Silly Misconception no. 1

“Feminism is for the ugly, hairy, angry, whiny and aggressive women who are bitter probably because a guy didn’t call her back or broke her heart. Feminism is making women man haters and unreasonable”

Absolutely NOT

  1. Feminism is for all women and their rights (Feminism is not concerned with stupid rejections in love or dating).It is about giving women an equal platform and respect in all fields and walks of life. It has nothing to do with women who have personal grudges against men; it is not an excuse to project your vent up anger against a particular man.
  2. Name-calling women as “whiny or ugly” when they choose to advocate for equal rights is not only generalising but also being nasty. Not all women who call themselves feminists are Man Haters.
  3. Feminism merely wants women to love themselves and have faith in themselves no matter what their appearance is like and no matter what makes them insecure. A lot of female feminists hate on women who are tall, mainstream “beautiful” and take care of themselves, use cosmetics, surgery to look good. It’s about women loving themselves…but not hating others for how they choose to treat their body.

Silly Misconception no. 2

“Feminism is anti-family, anti-marriage, anti-children, they are baby killers and so they are anti-god”

No, feminism merely wants women to NOT feel compelled “to get married before 30” to have lots of babies, feel compelled to have big families just to get approval from the society. It’s okay for a woman to not be ready for all these things, to not want it…it won’t make her less of a nurturing figure if you choose to pursue your career, your dreams. Just like its okay for a man to work from home or be a home maker while the wife earns the bread butter. Feminism believes in humanity and equality. Feminism doesn’t stop any woman from falling in love with men, having babies or marrying.

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Silly Misconception no. 3

“Feminism is anti-SAHM’S”

For those of you who don’t know the full form, it stands for Stay-at-home-moms. Feminism is not anti those moms who choose to stay at home and take a back seat in their careers. Not at all, Feminism merely encourages doing both. Feminism wants women to believe they can achieve anything they desire and not let them hold back because they “have kids”. But it doesn’t mean if a woman decides to stay at home and let the man work she is “oppressed or weak” as extreme feminists believe – it can be her choice. As far as she “feels empowered” and “content” making her own life decisions…what others say is irrelevant.

Silly Misconception no. 4

“All Feminists are power hungry and want to take over men. Feminists are female-supremacists”

Yes, this is where it becomes a murky issue. Men and Women are beautiful as they are…no matter what their sexuality, their salary, their skills. EQUALITY folks-not supremacy…kick it off female supremacists, we are not here to suppress another gender.

Silly Misconception no. 5

        “Feminism is to make women loud mouthed, rebellious, humourless, unreasonable, and   anti-sex”

A lot of young girls get carried away posing as feminists- they act as exhibitionists, they promote irrelevant nudity as “Feminism” and often criticise the boys for even checking out women casually. They use words like “Chauvinist” frequently with men. Often women use sex as a weapon, they judge men who want to sleep with attractive women. Also, girls sleep with a lot of guys just to prove they can do what is okay for a man to do. COOL IT OFF GIRLS. I know you want to be a part of something as wonderful for equality of your sex, that’s great. Feminism doesn’t want you to be so angry, condescending to all men. Neither does it want you to take harsh decisions in your life (clothing, sex and love) just to prove something to another gender.

Silly Misconception no. 6

This one is the dumbest.

“Feminism is actually for lesbians”

Do I say more? Feminism is for every woman and man to embrace. Feminism is simply to make women believe in themselves and realise their rights…their representation and their potential.

What will be amazing when we have a world where HE stands for SHE and SHE stands for HE.



What Feminism is Not About
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