Reasons for taking out time for yourself in your daily life

In our busy day to day life we are so engrossed in our daily routine that we hardly think of the enrichment and upkeep of our body & soul.

Our Daily life problems are like a cloud of dust which surrounds us. Sometimes we really need to clear this cloud which is full of worries, stress, tensions and many other negative effects. We should take out sometime for ourselves in order to get the true essence of life.

In today’s world we have loneliness, but rarely have inner peace with solitude.


Staying connected at all times seems to be the addiction of the 21st century. Instead of having real conversations and social interactions, people are just filling up their alone time with noise.

If being disconnected for a few days or even a few hours gives you shivers, it’s probably because you haven’t learned how to be comfortable with your own silence. But if you can fully appreciate just being with your own thoughts, you can fully interact when you are with people. Here are a couple other reasons to carve out more time for you.


Time to think: Your brain is your best tool, but how can you use it properly when you are being constantly distracted? You need some alone time to just analyze yourself. Sitting alone and thinking about the things which you did the entire day and taking stock will keep you organized, dedicated and help you in achieving your personal goals. Moreover, thinking about the past day helps you to plan for your day ahead. So it is always beneficial if you just take out sometime to think.


Lead your own life: If you are constantly part of the group, you will do what the group does – even if it does not reflect who you want to be. Sometimes being alone boosts your confidence levels. You should not be always dependent on people to solve your problems or to make you happy. You can be your own best friends. In Your daily life you face a lot of challenges, but instead of talking about it incessantly with others you should just think and do what seems right to you.


Inner peace: There is a reason monks spend so much time meditating alone; they are in search of Inner peace. Your daily life is often so tough that it does not give you time to breathe freely thereby constricting your spiritual growth. Spending a few minutes just focusing on your breathing and meditating relives stress which helps you in achieving inner peace and solitude.


For well being and high energy levels: Higher energy levels and a positive attitude towards life help in your well being. When you think positive, your energy level is automatically high. If you just spend a little bit of time doing some physical exercise or something which you love- like rediscovering your hobbies, this will boost your energy levels and make your outlook towards life more positive. Pursuing a creative pastime can allow you explore all those creative ideas which you can’t practise during your work hours.


Improved productivity: It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a few hours of uninterrupted & sincere work rather than working for the entire day trying to multi-task and being distracted. If you always work in groups you will never realize your weaknesses as people will be there to help you if you are missing out on something but when you are working alone, there is no one to help you and then you tend to use the best tool which our mind. This not only gives productive results but a great feeling about your own self. You realize that you are not less than anyone which leads to a positive attitude towards life.


If you aren’t fully comfortable being by yourself, you’ll never be able to truly connect with other people. I prefer to abandon the idea of introverts and extroverts and instead focus on the person who can be completely engaged with people and also completely peaceful in solitude.




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