“You know nothing Jon Snow.”

I am sure you have heard this quote , and some of you even did the voice. But if you haven’t , then well you really do know nothing.

Those who did not get it , this is a Game of Thrones reference.  And for the even more ignorant  Game of Thrones is based on the  bestselling fantasy saga written by George R.R. Martin going by the name  A Song of Ice and Fire , that has been turned into a television series and which is now popular  more than ever .With fans eagerly waiting for the latest season.

Game of Thrones has proven to be one of the most popular series of the batch , with people becoming hooked to the show , sitting on the edge of their seats to see ,if their beloved character will  make it till not only the end of the season , but also the end of the episode. This is one of the most remarkable features of the show.The eternal presence of the grim reaper.

Amongst the words that can be associated with the show Death is a clear constant. This is because when you play a game of thrones you win or you die and since not everyone can win, most die. In an interview George R.R. Martin once remarked that he wanted the audience to fear for the character. Unlike situation where the hero is surrounded by ten men and you know that he will make it through solely for  the fact that  he was the hero . Unlike that he wanted his audience to experience real fear for the character, afraid of their fate , scared for death and he has managed to achieve that quiet brilliantly. Because with so many important characters dying , in all these seasons ,the audience has learnt that nobody is off limits. Every man must die. And if you make a wrong move or make a mistake , it could be fatal , even if you are one of the main character’s of the show.

A fact we all got acquainted with when Eddard Stark was beheaded .A character who held a main narrative was massacred in front of people because he stood against the king. A refreshing thing about the show is the hanging sword of death. It’s gratifying to see how death is very real in the land of Westeros. Specially compared to how easily some characters cheat the clutches of death in other shows and movies. Where in the back of your mind ,you know that this character will be coming back , either from some deal or some trickery played by the character. You are certain that this character cannot die since  they are very important , or they are protagonist who will  have to come back. In Game of Thrones this constant is gone. The fact that every character’s life and death is fair game makes for some very thrilling TV.

For  advocates claiming  that the deaths are too atrocious or graphic , should be keen to remember the times these people are living in , where maiming and beheading of the enemies is natural. Where the king is trying to set examples or warriors trying to win glory. While there are people  saying  “ Oh , my god that was so brutal” , there is the other half going “ Oh my god that was so cool”. And in the matter of their beloved character being deceased or their being too many executions , the fact remains- Most deaths are justified ,and you can see the cause behind them. Eddard  threatened  Cersi and proved that he knew of the real parentage of Joffery , you don’t flaunt such information but hide it, and then use it at the right time. Then Robb did break his vow to the Frey’s. Oberyn  was openly mocking  the Mountain. While fate of Jon Snow might still be uncertain , he did let the wildings in. And do we really need a reason to justify Joffery’s death. For the characters who might not have made such gaping mistakes ,some  just had to die for the sake of the plot.

The thing to remember is that when the death of a character moves the plot further than their life  would, it is time for them to bite the dust.





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