With few days left for the US Presidential Elections, it feels like the whole world is following it. While the confrontation speeches were really interesting, understanding the whole mechanism is quite complicated. To help you a bit we bring to you the procedure which is followed for electing the president of The United states of America.


USA has a total of 50 states which are represented by the fifty stars in the US flag. After every four years Americans have a great responsibility to perform and that is electing the POTUS (President of The United States). The basic procedure is explained in the U.S. Constitution however many additional steps have been added over the years, by custom and by state law, the process has changed quite a bit over time.

Let’s try to understand the US government first.


USA has a presidential form of government. The head of the Government i.e. the president is the real as well as nominal head of the state. US Congress is the legislative body comprising of two houses- The Senate and The House of representatives. The Senate is the upper house and is more powerful than the lower house i.e. House of Representatives. The Senate has a total of 100 senators. Each state, regardless of the population, is represented by two senators.


USA has a Bi-party system that means the dominance of two major Parties, these two major parties are- The Republican Party and the Democratic Party.
Most political parties in order to choose the candidates hold conventions, which are large meetings attended by “delegates.” Some delegates are selected by state “primary” elections, some are selected by state caucuses (very much like primaries, except with public voting instead of secret ballots), and some are chosen for their prominence in the party. A majority of delegate votes is needed to win the party’s nomination.


The presidential election actually consists of a separate election in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia; in these 51 elections, the voters vote for “electors” pledged to one of the candidates. Numbers of Electors are equal to the number of districts of that state. Electoral College consists of the electors + the two Senators. For example, California has 40 districts, in this case the number of electors will be 42(40 representatives of each districts + 2 Senators).


The Electoral College then votes for President and for Vice-President, with each elector casting one vote; these votes are called electoral votes. Each elector is pledged to vote for particular candidates for President and Vice-President. In most elections, all the electors vote in accordance with the pledge they made.
Normally, one of the candidates for President receives a majority (more than half) of the electoral votes; that person is elected President. That candidate’s vice-presidential running mate will then also receive a majority of electoral votes (for Vice-President), and that person is elected Vice-President.

The dates in the US elections are fixed. The general election is held on 8th November. This is how the President of United State is elected.



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