There are little things, those small pleasures of life that we turn a blind eye to most of the times in our lives. These little things that give us the most joy are being forgotten as we step closer and closer in the world outside our homes. Here is a list of things I feel that are dying as the times changing and passing on.


  1. The value of another human being back in those times was different than what it is today. Be it a postman, a driver, a maid or a plumber all were treated with consideration and respect, no less than guests.
  2. The sheer happiness of sleeping under the open sky with your family which is almost like a dream now that we have invertors and they sky is too polluted to see the stars.
  3. The joy of sending and receiving letters is definitely a dying concept now, everything is done via e-mail. Letters still have a bewitching and alluring thing about them that is unmatched.
  4. The importance of ‘birthday’ per se in birthday parties was more than the venue, which has now somehow become symbolic to your status.
  5. Having the best childhood with cartoons like flintstones, The Jetsons, Jonny Bravo, Richie Rich, powerpuff girls which dominated our television screens is improbable fantasy now.
  6. The time when dairy milk was worshipped and a Rs5 orange bar was the reason enough for our existence.
  7. Comedy movies back then REALLY did tickle our funny bones unlike today’s which only sells based on tawdry and vulgar humour. Moreover even the family comedy movies aren’t really appropriate to watch with family without feeling discomfort.
  8. Music had soul and meaning to them and still are much more peaceful unlike the music I hear today which is full of promiscuous and shoddy lyrics.
  9. Video killed the Radio star, Radio was a source of entertainment that people thrived on, Radio is said to be ‘theatre of mind’ and with the entrance of television its fading fast.
  10.  Everybody is so technologically infected that they hardly take out time from this virtual world and spend some quality time with family, which is priceless. Google has really crippled and made humans incapable of using their gray cells.
  11.  Local markets still have their charm with all the chaos surrounding it than the malls or other concrete structures.
  12.  Being able to watch sunset has become utterly cumbersome because all that we can ever see are the tall and giant buildings.
  13. The time when friendship’s day held a sense of pride and respect in it; who gets most bands was a competition.
  14.  The exotic feeling of the smell of rain as it falls on the asphalt – its insatiable!
  15.  Lastly, I believe we have forgotten how to laugh with an open heart. The laughter that almost kills you, have got lost under this huge pressure to win and succeed. Somewhere the love of simply ‘living’ and appreciating the beauty in everything is being forgotten and disappearing.


Stop and think for a minute. Ask yourself ‘Are u truly living?’

If the answer is no, then go out and find YOUR little things that gives u immense joy and makes life worth living.


“Live not for the battles won

 Live not for the end-of-the-song

 Live in the along”

–      Gwendolyn Brooks




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