Trials and Tribulations of an Android
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After my vastly outdated, last century’s phone got stolen on the last day of my board exams; I finally got myself an Android. Now, because of the fact that I am absolutely alien when it comes to cellphones, this was not an easy task. The showroom person was telling me something about the different operating systems which were named such as Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, FroYo, Ice cream sandwich and Kit Kat etc. I, with my last ANDROIDcentury wits said to him that I’ve been looking for a smart phone and not Diabetes, which instantly got reciprocated with a frosty nosed stare from his side. Finally, after asking many of my smart phone literate friends, I finally decided on the one which suits me the most (Less complicated and fancier). That night, I put my phone on charge for 8 hours as instructed by that inert-lips and irony-confined salesman. After waking up, I immediately downloaded “Candy Crush’’ the most successful game which kept so many people fasting, which created so much insomnia and road accidents. So, planning to retort all of those who have sent me dozens of game requests and clogged my Facebook page with notifications, I’ve started. Started playing it and started to fall for its enslavement. Within minutes, I felt myself madly moving my fingers in hopes of matching three candies of the same color and proportion. I realize that I too have succumbed to its addictive pangs. Next I found “Subway Surfer” and “Temple Run 2” and quickly set on downloading both of them. I have seen most studious of my friends, while away, playing these two specific games for hours. In both of these, the premises, more or less is the same. You are a character who seems to be on an endless run while dodging obstacles and collecting certain tokens that give you certain powers for a considerable period of time. The only difference between the two games is in Subway Surfer, you are being chased by a stout Security guard and his dog in close proximity as you jump on and off trains and subways whereas in Temple Run, you are running from a hybrid of what seems to be a cross between a Gorilla and a Vulture. What puzzled me was the immense popularity of these two games across the world. I had read somewhere that downloads had recently crossed the billion mark. Suddenly my mom called me for lunch and I realized that I had spent the last 2 hours playing these games. Suddenly, the reason behind their popularity dawned upon me. It has a striking resemblance to our lives where we are the characters on an endless run not knowing where the next turn would bring us while constantly facing adversities which come in the form of broken walls, steep slopes and narrow pathways. The minute we stop, we are faced with impending death by the beast. It is this uncertainty of life that has somehow been captured wonderfully in these “endless running” games that makes them more appealing.

The first few days go by and I carry my cellphone in a fashion similar to mothers carrying their newborns. The screen is inspected every day to see whether any scratches have formed. When outdoors, checking my pocket ten times to feel the shape of it knowing very well that all this concern would soon wear out after a few weeks and I would eventually, end up clogging the memory with videos of donkeys farting and cats dancing to Gangnam style.




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