They give new definition to words like bravery, courage, sacrifice, whenever you see a man in uniform of INDIAN ARMED FORCES there is just one thing that comes to your mind and that is respect. The worlds third largest armed force is roughcast shortage of ammunitions. Tanks and air defense system may run out anytime, infantry units have old weapons and still lack on advanced equipment. The men are facing hard times due to incapability of Indian political system. Last government was lethargic in making decisions for Indian armed forces in their tenure of ten years; they failed to make any big deal in favor of the forces. A nation, which is facing intrusion for over two decades from the toughest terrains of the world, it’s hard to understand why political leaders have showed no interest in strengthening the forces.
Whereas neighboring nations like CHINA and PAKISTAN have strengthened their hold in the Himalayas. China has one of the biggest systems of railways in Tibet and an airport that increases their stronghold in the region. Similarly Pakistan was able to increase their forces in the POK. Indian army is still on its way to develop their mountain strike corps, which could be the best mountain fighting unit for India to stop Chinese intrusion. But it is still on paper nothing has been done on ground level and is expected to be started by 2019.
Col. Bikram Singh; last general of Indian army is accepting that new government will be pro-active in decision-making. He seemed hopeful about the fact that government will spent around 19,250 crores for the development of the forces as presently forces do not have reserve ammunition’s to fight a full-fledged war for even 20 days. It will be a challenge for both Indian army and newly formed government to build a system that keeps the nation’s borders protected from all type of intrusions and terrorization. DRDO the main native research organization of India is yet to develop the small rifle for infantry units. Problems in assuring these weapons are that there are many options and none of them has been taken seriously because of the prior government.
We should ask ourselves a simple question; can we cook without proper grocery in our kitchen? –No. So how can we even imagine those men who are fighting for our protection far away from their home; in the toughest terrains of the world can survive devoid of suitable facilities? Government in attendance has to understand the plight of the soldiers and perceive a metamorphosis between forces of small countries like Australia and Israel that are way ahead of us.
Now, as the days have gone by where the bravery, courage and outsized number of man might secure victory; its time of drones and highly sophisticated world class weapons. Arguably the prime culprit behind India’s loss to china were weapons, they were of pitiable quality and more than wretched in those weather condition. Oh god save my motherland, we still have them 303(rifles), isn’t that a joke? Let’s see what’s there for the man in uniform from the new administration.



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