A dark, dense and haunting fog loomed everywhere

Amidst it, a pair of eyes searched for another so unlike its own. He felt her presence, but those beautiful deep, mysterious eyes were yet to reveal themselves.

Fear started to settle on his skin alongside sweat, with every unsuccessful attempt he made to find her.

She was there; he knew she wouldn’t leave him. Not now. Not ever.

He couldn’t just give up. Losing her was not an option. And so he continued, his heart beating in his ears. Fear gave way to panic and he started screaming her name. He strained his ears for some sound, any sound. He needed her by his side, he’d already lost too much to lose his only chance at sanity too.

Tears, filled with regret and sorrow, ran down his cheeks as memories flashed past him.

“I’ll always be there for you, you’d only have to reach out,” she’d whispered in her velvety voice “And if you’re ever alone and in the dark, reach out. I’ll be waiting.”

He fell on his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks, hands outstretched. She’d been his rock, his savior. She’d been his knight in shining armor, and he’d only been her beast.

Yet, he needed her now, to save him from this darkness. He needed to feel her warmth wrapped in his arms, her kiss on his lips, her smile radiating from those dark eyes. He needed her to save his soul.

And that’s when he heard it.

A soft ruffle of dry leaves giving way to a faint whisper. He looked up and saw her standing there. Just like she’d promised.

She’d come to save him. Shakily, he stood up, his arms still outstretched. Slowly, painstakingly slow, she walked towards him making her simple action look like floating.Through the Haze

She drifted into his waiting arms, and pulled him close. He felt her warm breath, on his cold neck. She pulled back slightly, and looked up into his eyes.

There was sadness and hurt in them. Sorrow which he’d put there. He whispered sweet nothings to soothe her, and internally promised to make it up to her. To bring back the shine in her eyes.

She lifted herself on her toes and brought her mouth close to his ear, and whispered, so faint that he barely heard it,

“Come back, I need you.”









Through the Haze
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