Recently I came across this very intelligent concept of urban farming or Terra farming. Terra Farms is the

brainchild of Urban Vertical Farmers whose motive and I quote here is to bring the farm as close to the

city as possible. The idea was not just to provide healthier and fresher food to urban city centers but

also increase the amount of green coverage in the said areas. Terra Farms is one man’s (team) effort to

improve our quality of life. If you bring farms to cities, what will be the impact? While one of them will

be an improved quality of food, another would be reduced logistics in arranging this food, and the most

important one would be bringing greenery to our lives and into our homes.


When we say farming, we are not talking about harvesting grains and turning your entire kitchen into an

organic one, but instead something like a herb garden. The idea is not to leave your routine and change

your life upside down to incorporate back-breaking-time-consuming labor but adopting simple and easy

ways to make your life a little fresher and healthier. And a good way to do just that is through a herb

garden or a terrace garden.


Ideas and innovations like these can be very intriguing, as they make you think about various

possibilities that you haven’t had the chance or opportunity to consider. Like turning the free city space

into a vertical-farm space. So as to allow the greener patches in the concrete jungles to sooth the eyes

and minds both. The importance of the greens in the middle of bricks and stones cannot be argued as

we all are aware of their vital roles in our lives.


Due to the constrain of space, all of us can’t have large gardens on our properties, most of us don’t even

have one or two potted plants in our homes. And truly we don’t see that as a problem. We don’t have

the time or patience to do gardening and also it requires a lot of effort. Or at least that’s what we tell

ourselves. We don’t see lack of trees and plants in common space as a problem, but we should. If not for

anything else, we can do it for the pretty picture.


The idea of bringing more greenery into our lives is simple. It keeps us healthy. Gardening in your small

terrace, windows, or flowerbeds when large plots aren’t available can contribute to an overall fitness,

let’s call it active living both for our physical and emotional well being. And I am not making that up in

the back of my mind, in fact The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has validated that

individual who lived closer to a green space experience less anxiety and depression than those who live

further from them. Doesn’t that make you want to join the green army and increase the plant life. Well

if you don’t want to be selfish and do it for your well being. You can grow a green thumb for the coming



Think of tomorrow and nurture, the nature today.



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