Life isn’t always the same. Everyone has to face the odds at some point of time in his/her life. But it is necessary to move on. There is no point in holding guilt & sorrow, and cry for the same reason. Howsoever if you are feeling upset then, here is a list of a few things to get rid out of it.

1. Hang out with friends – The best possible way to cheer yourself up is to hang out with your friends. Choose the particular comedian types from your group and spend some time with them. Go out for parties, tours, picnics, movies, and everything else crazy which makes you happy.

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2. Play with your pet- Your pets are a wonderful creatures. They really keep you in a good mood, in a good mental condition. They never let you down. They are always ready to play with you and the best part is they never retort back. These fluffy creatures love you unconditionally.

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3.  Practice meditation- Start doing meditation. It brings you around from all the stress and tension. Breathe more and relax yourself down. It helps to bring awareness and releases anxiety.

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4. Listen to music- Now this is the best thing which everyone should do and it really works. Find a place where nobody comes in and scream to the wind everything that’s eating at you. Put on the sound that sing to your soul, turn up the volume. No matter how stupid it seems or what others will say about you. You can even dance like an idiot and let the guilt inside you come out. Music is therapy for sure.

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5. Keep yourself engaged- The best way to get rid out of sadness is to keep you busy. Try to shift your attention elsewhere. It can be any work of your interest, hobbies; you can spend time in learning new things, like playing guitar, horse riding, painting, singing, cooking etc. The best way is to go to the gym and start exercising, or you can shop for yourself.

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6. Spare some time aloof- You can spend some time alone doing works of your interest. You can do the work which you like the most such as gardening, sketching, reading books, playing, studying, movies, etc. you can read and write articles, blogs. It can be anything which keeps you happy.

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7. Talk to someone- You can talk to the person whom you love the most or who is closer to you and share your feelings. Talking really helps. You can also cry yourself out. Letting yourself cry is a way to relax yourself and wash emotions.

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8. Spend time with nature- Nature proves to be the best cure when you’re upset. It helps to bring you around from sadness. You can lie down on the grass in your garden area in the night and gaze the sky full of stars, and relax yourself down. Take a deep breath, smell the fragrance of the flowers around, look at the trees, the fruits, the sun, moon, and the sky. Everything around has a positive vibe. Feel it even if it is not there, and the entire universe will respond in accordance with you. Don’t let yourself down for absolutely an unimportant reason. You should realize your importance and feel that you’re special.

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Things to do when you’re upset
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