When you belong to a country like India which is extremely diverse in nature, Cross cultural relationships aren’t a shock. With all the globalization and modernization taking place in our society, inter caste marriages have become a norm. Many of us might have also been lucky enough to have experienced this heterogeneous cultural mixture at our own houses. Here is what you shall be acquaint with incase you are one of those lucky kids :

1. You can speak and understand more languages than the rest

You are blessed enough to be a result of this cross cultural relationship as you can comprehend and speak both – your father tongue and mother tongue. What’s better than showing off your bilingual skills?


2. You have double the number of festivals to celebrate

Coming from two different cultures, you get the opportunity to celebrate festivals of both the sides of the family. And well who doesn’t like celebrating occasions ?

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3. Diversity can also be noticed in the food

The main perk of belonging to a cross cultural house is the variety of delicious foodstuff that you get to eat.

cull re 3

4. You get to experience various traditions and rituals

…And you understand in reality what secularism and diversity actually mean


5.  It is easy for you to adapt to any changes in the surroundings.

          ..Because, aren’t you already adapting to two different cultures?


6. You always find yourself in a mess during times when both your communities are against each other..probably an IPL match

   ‘’Kya Kare Kya Na Kare Yeh Sun Lo Mere Bhai
Koi To Bataa De Iska Hal O Mere Bhaai’’ – That’s exactly your state


7. You are brought up in an open minded manner

Well, isn’t that obvious by having been born in a cross cultural family?


8. You know more about the history of both the communities


9. You get to hear about the love story of your parents

  …which is evidently interesting and could have a lot of twists and turns. Like the movie 2 States, or so you’d imagine.

cull re 6



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