‘Man’s best friend’, definitely not for you!

(P.S. Dog lovers, please don’t be offended and take it with a good sense of humour  😆 )

1. Your worst nightmare is passing by a street which is blocked by a pack of dogs.


2. Your first question when you enter someone’s house who owns a Dog is whether it has been tied up or not.


3. If the Dog is not tied up, then you ask them to do so immediately.


4. When passing by a dog you use another human as your shield.


5. You absolutely cannot understand how other people can get their faces licked by dogs (have you seen those razor sharp canines!).


6. You never make eye contact with a dog because you fear that it will sense your fear of them and attack.


7. When you hear a bark behind you, you go into full Milkha Singh mode and immediately look for all the places you can run to and hide.


8. You get no feeling of reassurance what-so-ever when people tell you that their dog won’t bite you.


9. When a dog starts scratching itself near you….arghhh fleas!


10. You do not find dogs or even puppies to be cute and friendly but rather utterly horrifying, salivating, rabies-giving monsters.




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