At the time when, opportunities were in dark, life was not easy for a writer , the world saw through

the eyes of KHUSHWANT SINGH, a gem of a novelist, blunt politician and a journalist who had the

confidence to question any judgement.

Khushwant Singh was an Anglo-Indian writer , he was known for his unparallel sense of humour. He

was a devoted writer , he would wake up at 4a.m. and would start writing his daily column with a lot

of enthusiasm. Here I could go on with facts telling about his achievements and honors, but lets just

completely skip that part about facts and all. Lets see how was Khushwant Singh different from the lot

and yet similar. “MALICE with one and all” was his most popular column, where his take on Secularism,

politics,corruption would have a spicy edging sense of humour which used to floor his audience.

I am not an avid reader myself but thanks to CBSE , I came across a chapter written by the

legend-Portrait of a lady, It’s a masterpiece in which the writer conveys his relationship with his

grandmother,what made the chapter worth reading was the personal connect. In a time when families

have modeled a nuclear life style, they never realize that adopting a nuclear system of living would take

away the golden period of their kids as the word granny would become just a word for them in coming


The confidence he had in himself would shock many as he was awarded the Padma Bhushan in 1974

but in 1984 he returned the award as a protest against the attack on Sikhs during the regime of Indira

Gandhi,especially during the very famous Golden Temple episode and was later awarded Padma

Vibhushan in 2007.

The uncanny sense of humour, confidence, political satire, understanding of the world were the rare

qualities of the legend, no one can replicate his genius. The least we amateur writers can do is to be

inspired and inherit some of his qualities.



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Devansh Saxena

“Life begins with an expression” I aspire to be a writer, I like capturing emotions, expressions of daily life through my pen. According to me writing is a gift which god gave us to express ourselves. I write every moment I live , I feel every thing has a story behind it. My journey has started as my story has just begin… Its all about finding the writer in you . Share my blog if you can relate with my writing.

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