Who is responsible for the issues like JNU, Rohit Vermula or any other politically driven controversy? Political Parties or Media? I will put the onus on the media.

A free press is a need of any withstanding democracy, it acts as a check on the treasury benches but not by just blindly supporting the opposition benches or come under pressure of the treasury benches to oppose the already opposed. A free press is a form of media which is neither on the side of opposition nor on the side of the ruling party. Unfortunately, India currently is hapless in media’s context.

There are Newspapers, Television news-channels, Websites, Magazines but there is no ‘press’ or no ‘media’ left in this country. It will be astonishing to know for many of us that the famous scoopes of news we digest on internet are also at times paid. Articles like “10 times this __ ___minister went out to help the needy” are all my friends PAID and we, yes! we the lovely users on Internet support those articles and thereby let the portals which are already earning in lakhs to earn in crs.

No, the media cannot just single handily take the onus of all the waste they provide us with, its we who want it, we need it and because we like and because we get influenced by all the stuff we get, the media gets a chance to cash on it. No news observer will ever like the quality of shows Indian English News-channels conduct at the Prime Time but then most of us like it and we like it because we are acquitted to violence, we are indebted with comedy, we like dashing of a person on television who does not stand on our perception of an issue. But is it right? There is always three sides of an story-

  1. What 60% of media channels supporting one political party, in order to butter shows.
  2. What 35% media channels paid by the opposition leader shows.
  3. The rest 5% is what strangely only 1 in a 1000 person is able to see nowadays.

Just like a cup of masala chai, we need the masala news every evening! It’s a fact and all the people with high self-esteem must eat a Hajmola tablet after reading this article to digest it. But then there is no solution to it too, news for us is like oxygen we cannot live without them and so we have to choose the best thief, we do not have a free press operating as of now. A fearless media channel or even a website is a burning need. If we don’t get it, then we will surely destroy this beautiful nation by dividing it between the Bhakts, AAPTards and our mostly lovely the Chamcha people. We need to bring back our power of reasoning to counter it, maybe someday our so called free and unpaid press will understand the need to conduct the modern India’s first ‘News Show’, maybe then the newspapers and the magazine will for once get a chance to write a Neutral article. The change won’t happen anytime soon, it will surely take a couple of years to happen but it will take place if we the people on internet stop supporting the false news reports and understand that we don’t need Kanhaiya Kumar, the need of building a new leader is the need of the present media. They encash the popularity they are getting because of showing JNU and Rohit.


Think before supporting an article, a news report or an issue!


Hey, there must be a lot of people who will oppose this article of mine, you are truly free to comment and disagree but don’t be a bhakt or an AAPTard, be reasonable!



The Uncanny Press
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Varul Mayank

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