Have you ever rooted for the bad guy? 

The villain you can’t help but feel sorry for. Well if you have then welcome to the club. You aren’t the only one.

There is a whole class of people who root for the bad guy. Or if not root, they at-least hold a soft spot in their hearts for these so called villains. This fact can be attributed to the simple change in the patterns of storytelling. With the changing times and taste, there is a new class of villains emerging. People with background stories and the emotions that drives them. This new art of storytelling is slowly but surely becoming popular, where in you understand the motive of the anti heroes. And armed with this information there has been a influx of sympathy for our villains.


Once you understand what makes a person tick , it becomes hard not to comprehend the real motive behind their action , and even harder to ignore the pinch of compassion you might feel. For the simple reason, you get where they are coming from.The traditional label of  the bad guy just does not fit anymore. No longer is he someone you hate. And if you have doubts about these changing patterns, think back to the time when The Dark Knight was released, and how many were rooting for Heath Ledger as the infamous Joker. So much so that some fans believe that the lying psychopath, is actually the hero in The Dark Knight and he in his own way ends up saving Gotham.  How Draco Malfoy who was trying to kill Dumbledore is never looked upon as the bad guy. Or even Snape for that matter. The guy bullied Harry for years, but all it took was one redeeming gesture and the whole fandom was rooting for him. Look closer to the small screen, the infamous Walter White, the man was cooking meth for crying out loud, but you won’t hear anybody say – What a bad guy.  A hero is only as good as its villain. You can love them, you can hate them but nobody can deny a good villain. And the reason is simple, it lies in the art of great storytelling and the convincing portrayal by brilliant actors of that story. The attribute of a good villain, and by extension a good actor , is that they don’t just manipulate the hero ,but they also manipulate the audience. And then we start rooting for the bad guy as we feel for them. Nobody is the villain of their own story, and with changing times we have started getting this story from various perspectives. This is also evident by the fact that while nobody was rooting for Gabbar Singh , so many just can’t get themselves to hate Loki.





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