“Ladke ne rape kara, usko faasi de di? Ye kaha ka nyay hua? are ladko se ghaltiya ho jaati hai” -Mulayam singh yadav,samajwadi supremo. The election to the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly was held in seven phases from 8 February through 3 March 2012. Uttar Pradesh has the world’s largest population for a sub-national democracy. The incumbent chief minister Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party, which previously won an absolute majority of seats, was defeated by Mulayam Singh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party,which gained an absolute majority in the election. Mulayam’s son and U.P. party president Akhilesh Yadav was nominated as chief minister by the party. Samajwadi party won 226 out of 406 seats. People thought that a young man like akhilesh yadav will do something for the state,they had expectations from him. Now 2 years after Akhilesh’s government the crime rate in U.P. is rising at an alarming pace. Uttar Pradesh reported 10% (5,480 out of 32,481) of total murder cases in the country and 18.4% (4,997 out of 27,230) total attempt to murder cases. In Uttar Pradesh 7,525 cases has accounted for 21.2 per cent of the total cases of kidnapping and abduction of women at the national level. A recent case has been reported in Badaun where two Dalit teenage girls were raped,strangled and then they were hanged on a tree. The girls were not hanged it was the humanity which was hanged and the police did nothing to stop this. This is not the first incident that has happened in the state. But we cannot always blame the police for this act afterall the police is under the state government it is the duty of the government to take care of the law and order in the state and to check the laxity of the police. This incident is no less than the incident that happened on 16th december in New delhi. The people who raped the sisters had no fear of law and order. First they raped and then they hanged them on a tree so that the world can see it. When the media questioned the c.m he replied “you are safe, then its okay” now if c.m. of the state will make such statements how will he check the crime rate?

The state government and the Police were responsible as they failed to check the lawlessness in the state. But there is a big question mark on the people as well! Afterall the culprits are from our society. Where is the society going? Our society is becoming Immoral! Where were the people when the girls were being hanged? Why didn’t they do something? All these questions are to be answered by we people. 21st century’s India is developing at a good pace and we are competing with the world, but our society,our thinking also needs development. We will change the country will also change.



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