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“Change is the only thing which remains constant”.

Sitting here, at my office desk (though it’s just an internship, but hey! It’s an office and I do have a personal desk, adorned with my artworks), I keep wondering about how did things change from being a carefree school kid to a career oriented girl. Summers have always been synonymous with long break from mundane school routine. Long enough, to make us forget, which chapters were we last on before the school broke out for holidays. Though things remain the same, yet they have somehow changed.

Few years back, summer vacations were all about relaxing at home, wondering how to get going with the holiday homework. Even after all our sincere efforts, we never managed to complete it before the reopening day. Come on! It’s Vacation time. Holiday homework is all about projects and internships now. Planning about your future prospects and looking up for internships to get the taste of professionalism. If you are lucky enough to find one, Good Luck! The journey begins and there is no stopping now!


When boredom took over us, our grannies were there to pamper us with yummy nani ke haath ka khaana. The amount of ghee added to the food was directly proportional to the amount of love for her grandchildren. The more the oil, the tastier the food!

Getting fat? Who cares about that? “Nani ke ghar jayenge, mote hoke ayenge”

Talking about fat, for most of us, the highest priority on the to-do list this summer break is, hitting the gym for a month or two, getting fit and then flaunting the newly designed bodies. Yes, I am one of those who had this on her list but bang on! after working my ass off for 8 hours in an ad agency and then travelling back to home, all the way standing for 2 hours in a metro, I am left with no energy to pursue that dream.

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Summer vacations reminds me of  days back then when we kids could play out in the sun for hours and hours, regardless of the sultry heat. Bless the makers of Rasna and Glucon-D. Taking up music and dance or hobby classes was the only option moms came up with to help their child explore his creative side and of course, to keep him busy.

Have things changed?


“It’s summer holidays ,you are supposed to stay free and we are supposed to meet!”

These are the words you get to hear every time your friend calls you up. Suddenly you are the busiest person in the world. You work like a full fledged professional. Taking orders from your boss even if it includes shitty work, which it often does, you perform them sincerely. Is all the pain worth it? Sacrificing your month long vacations, where you could relax and watch your favorite movies and shows or probably spend time with your friends partying. Is it actually worth it? Well, that feeling when you get that first pay cheque for your hard work, says it all.


Yes, things have changed. Changed for our own good. One should learn to adapt to the change. That’s what life is all about!



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