SULTAN: With many films related to sports are lined up for release this year, Sultan was considered to be the most successful, of course. Based on Wrestling, this 2 hours 50 mins long film is actually a love story-drama flick. Salman Khan, being the most powerful star with maximum films in 100 crore club has a different audience all together. The actor in this film has however tried to change his image of being a ‘super human, super hero Bhai’ which was also visible in Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

This film is a complete crowd entertainer giving the audience enough instances to hoot and whistle. As some or the other event keeps happening in the film, the film never turns boring. The character Sultan Ali Khan has lows and highs in his life, so does the film.

There are some parts of the film which is not easy to digest. A month of training and a person who used to fix dish antennas wins the State Championship. Not that there is no sweat and blood involved in his training, but not too much. Duh, Bollywood.

Anushka Sharma as Aarfa also played a role of a wrestler. Her character is a passionate, focussed lady who dreams to change the stereotype of only men are meant for wrestling. She somehow lacked in delivering a good performance as she struggled with her ‘Jaat tone’. Amit Sadh and Randeep Hooda played their role perfectly. The climax was not at all impressive. I could hear people from the audience saying ‘This is so similar to Brothers’ fight sequences’. The songs too were awfully placed. Duh, Bollywood.

The director Ali Abbas Zafar however managed to keep the film on track till the end. If this question pops up in your mind that ‘Is Sultan better than Bajrangi Bhaijaan?’ I would say NO.


ELTRIVATE rates it 3.5

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