So! What’s up Next? It’s Christmas. This Christmas is going to give us fun as much as it can. Party, offers, gifts, fun, food and all. These are the things that this Christmas is going to give us. Nothing is new and these enjoyments come to us every year. Of course Parties gives us the fun of celebrating and enjoying with people. Gifts give us the joy of getting something new. Food gives us the tummy fulfilled satisfaction and we are getting a chance to enjoy the new recipes. Every Christmas has the joy of celebrating with Santa.

As we all know already, Santa delivers presents to the children and it is the surprising one for kid. Fun and celebrations are for the people who are blesses with their parents, but there are Orphans, who are not able to have their daily meals sufficiently. Some of them even don’t have house to live and proper dresses to wear and the most worrying thing is they don’t have persons to care for them and show love and affection. Life without love and affection is the worst thing that one can survive through. Love is the most precious thing that a person can never ever get through Money. So; we can spend our time to make them happy.

Why can’t we spend our time that really means a lot for the little children? If we have the money to buy the most costliest and delicious cakes and chocolates, we can give the small amount of our money to have their single day of food. We are running (especially Kids and teens) the joy that is not permanent. Usually, temporary joys make use of our time and money and leave us empty minded and empty heart. We won’t be able to get heart-filled satisfaction. Why can’t we spend our little penny to make the little children happy? And most importantly why can’t this change happen in this Christmas? Christmas has the blissful joy of giving others. It is evident from Our Santa Clause. Santa Clause can make the little poor children happy by his surprise gifts. We all can become Santa this year for the little poor children. We people can celebrate our Christmas with them. We can take the Children to Church, Celebrations and all. We can offer them the food. All these good deeds shall startup from this Christmas. Usually, we are getting an Occasion to celebrate, but this time we got the beautiful reason to celebrate. This beautiful reason will definitely flourish the lives of many poor little children. Let the birthday of Jesus create the birth of joy and happiness.

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Spread the season of Joy- Christmas
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