India’s Constitution states that we have the freedom of speech and expression. But today in this 21st century it isn’t so. Today the rules don’t go any such. Rules are for Common People and Politicians they are one who break the rule and hide themselves back again under the veil of power and authority. Since some previous year we have had seen instances of censorship in Our democratic India. Censorship is the suppression or control of ideas, public communication and information circulated within a society. Since the beginning it has been written in the constitution about the Freedom of Speech and Expression is given to each and every person in India. But then it has never been utilised. The Constitution of India guarantees freedom of speech and expression with certain restrictions such as that of morality, decency, public order etc.  Further, the Indian Penal Code allows cramping free speech on grounds of outraging religious feelings, making statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred or ill-will between classes on grounds of religion, caste, language or race. The Information Act, 2000 aims to punish people who send offensive messages online but is often used to target dissident and even posts on social media. India has many such instances where people are forced to read what politicians want to let them read and show what they want to show. India’s real problem with censorship extends far beyond removing images of bare breasts from movie screens.

Censorship in Progress...

Beware !!!Censorship in Progress…

After Independence people thought India will develop now and to some extent it has done so but not as it was expected. The laws and constitution favors mostly the rich and the powerful. From Books, Novels, to films and cartoons, Indian government keeps an eye on every on-going within the media whether on papers or in softcopy. It never goes the way the writer or director intended to go. To save the interest for the parties or the interest of some specific community and people censorship is imposed. Right after independence the first case of censorship came up,Nathuram Godse’s “WHY I KILLED GANDHI”. The book was completely boycotted in India and for those who didn’t they were forced to eradicate it. It is often hard to understand Godse and as to why he killed Gandhi just because the government of India had suppressed information about him. His court statements, letters etc. were all banned from the public and so was his book. Probably it had some hard truth which the government back then didn’t want to reveal before the people. It is still a mystery. After years a prominent case came up Aseem Trivedi, a cartoonist was jailed just because of his series of cartoons.Not just these even the news we hear and read are all gone through and any unparalleled thought are cut off. Even one maynot find a digital copy of the Book mentioned above, one may surely get to know the power of censorship in India from this. Another case pops up, a girl from Maharastra was put into jail and her family harassed just because she put up a comment about one of the parties on one of the social sites.


You are shown what they want to show.

Another of the case says about Sahil Maqbool, a 44 year old Kasmiri investigative journalist who was arrested, he believes, for reporting on sensitive issues like “encounters,” instances where police or military operatives shoot a suspect and later claim self-defense. Maqbool was arrested in September of 2004 while writing for the Urdu language paper Chattan.


Censorship Seizes freedom


What is the difference between India and China. China being a Communist country, there are really strict laws for public speaking and speeches and it is impossible to speak anything against the government. The same thing is happening in India. Article 19(1)(a) should be struck of because there is no freedom of speech and expression left in our country. Democracy is going to dogs. People cannot speak out their minds. Though India is a bit lenient as compared to china in censorship still it won’t do any good. As for now the best uninfluential and unbiased way to publish news is through Internet news room. Though the Indian government has taken up steps to prevent and put a censorship on internet too but it will always be difficult to strictly prevent one from accessing unwanted news and stuffs. Today one cannot say we are independent. India can fix this problem by demanding rigorous reform to its broken legal system, or it can do nothing.




Slow Poison : Censorship
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