Delinquency has this certain undeniable lure to it – it makes you do things that happen to be morally wrong & ethically unjust. Depravity often makes you do things that you would have never imagined of doing – no rapist has ever dreamt of molesting a woman in his formative years, did he? – or, it makes you go in denial in doing things that you ought to do – a woman is being hit & harassed in the open; how do I even care? I am just here to enjoy the show!

See my point here? People like to steal, cheat, rob, rape, kill, murder, maraud, lie – people like to fall from grace. And, they do so because erring is the easy way out. Hand over a couple of 100 buckers or a couple of suitcases full of 100 buckers – and your works get done in the bat of an eyelid. See, this easy!

You can’t stop people from speaking because, apparently, some stupid twit came up with the idea of “free-speech” (seriously?). In such a case, don’t try & put forth an argument to reason things with people. Instead, shoot ‘em right in-between their eyes & shut them up forever. It’s perfectly normal if you choose to end their life without an iota of mercy, either. You can actually relish the sight of life dripping out, too – drop by drop, & it’s not at all abnormal, either, because you’re just being yourself – an animal, social or otherwise, with no control whatsoever. And then, it’s just a mere life – how does that even matter?

Hebdo deserved what it got, along with every other entity who/which has been silenced for raising its voice. What I don’t understand is why people are acting this flabbergasted & aghast at such acts of “extremism”, when they have, at some point of time or the other, thought of inflicting a coup de grace on someone who was at loggerheads with them on the locus standum maintained on a certain issue.

You change your colors too damn fast, humans!

You raise your ‘brows when you hear of domestic violence, although you don’t hesitate even once on raising your hand at your wife. You act astonished to hear of harassment at workplaces, even though you had felt your assistant up last night, rather objectionably. You raise an argument of provocative-dressing styles of women being the reason of rising rapes – simply put, instead of choosing the difficult decision of making sense to other men that a woman’s body is not a commodity & if she dresses the way she wants to, provocatively or otherwise, it doesn’t serve as an indication that she wishes to get laid; you took the easier way out by actually justifying rape!

Let me put it in a nutshell – you like erring. Inflicting pain & hurting others gives you a sadistic pleasure, somewhere deep down. You transgress. And do it, all the same, knowing fully well that there are going to be repercussions to your actions which, in my opinion are, at times, too drastic & fervid. You are aware and, to a very large extent, scared of the aftermath of your offence. Yet, you choose to do it anyway. Such is the love of yours for erring – it becomes almost involuntary, at a point of time; so deeply ingrained are its roots in you that you don’t want to shake them off, even.

But, the only impediment that I happen to face, every time I am inches close to making yet another human err, is the Conscience – Vivek, as you may call it. A so-called moral system in the human head, the still-small-voice always hits a person with guilt & repentance when he is on the verge of committing an iniquity.

And, to my utter dismay, this dunce of a conscience has often paved way to such a set of people who have, at times, become a threat to my very existence. These people – dreamers, as they like to call themselves – have worked their whole life to bring back goodness to the society & a worth to the debasing value systems.

They are Samaritans. And, they are stupid, too!

They worked hard, day & night, in the hope of realizing a dream which was; well, too far-fetched to be real. It was utopian, unachievable. To dream big is a good thing – one should always be ambitious. But, at the same time, one should have a foot on the verity, too.

See how things turned out to be – they fought for complete transparency & zero collusion; Assange is in hiding, with no public life, whatsoever. They rallied for zero tolerance to harassment of women; rapes, honor-killings, female foeticides & infanticides, eve-teasing & voyeurism are at an all time high. They asseverated for poverty-alleviation & a conclusive environment for the growth of children; people die out of hunger in today’s time more than ever before. And, kids? – The so-called future of tomorrow would rather fiddle their time away in social-networking sites & deriving pleasure from pornographic sites, than being where they are “ought” to be at.

To heck with that, at least porn teaches you something over those scum-schools!

And, this is exactly where the human mind fascinates me. On one side, they create miraculous weapons of mass destruction (such genius!) and, on the other, they have to bring the douche in themselves to the fore (such doltish!), and be redundant in doing the same thing over & over again – all in the hope that the world shall, finally, be a better place to live in.

I can only wonder, why?

Well, how does it even matter? Like every other world I’ve been at, there shall be a breakdown of justice & a give out of the rule of law and order, which shall be followed by a subsequent chaos & ultimately, total annihilation. And, the ones who survive (that is if anyone survives, at all) will give way to a new race to come up – a new generation & a new world-system. And, we’ll be back at square one, again.

We’ll witness evolution take place, again – wherein one creed becomes superior to every other & conflict ensues between entities, again.

And, history will repeat itself – blood shall be on the hands of people, swords shall be stained, wars stretching for years and years, death by starvation, death by poverty, rights being violated vehemently. And, all you can do is watch. Because, you’ll like to see all of this happening.

Over, and over, and over…



Yours truly,


Or, should I say..

Sinfully, yours.



Sinfully, Yours
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