Youngsters of 2005-2009 were far more better versed with life than we idiots of 2015. Why I am saying this is because we instagram the moment before we enjoy it. We devote our time impressing others ,its like dog wants  to bark ,just to seek attention.

We think too much about the past that we forget to live the present. It is true we are the whatsapp  generation and waste our time thinking about the message to turn in to the blue. It is a very different word. We guys just become a “Kandha for a girl ”- Tanu Weds Manu Returns ref. We actually don’t know if the message actually made her life. Did calling her Huma Quershi impress her or you appeared to be a GOW-AAR 😛 . These are the very questions are mind deals with on a routine basis. We want are life to be as perfect rom-coms. No wonder films like WHIPLASH  are still unheard off. So talking about sin-text ,well I did not write the title sitting on the SINTEX tanki, it just hit me. Sliding to the core ,You interact with her on whatsapp and talk about stuff you would never talk face-face.Well according to me it’s a sin you commit.

Your relationship with her ends as soon as she hits the shut down button and you are left stranded (in short KLPD :P).So just move on and stop taking  life too seriously . Her last seen is not the only thing left in life.

Well following the KISS factor ,I will keep it short and simple this time .Words should hit the right note.

“You become what you think,you write “

DISCLAIMAR : A self-realisation ,no preaching.Writing them down  just to catch hold off them.




Sin Text
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Devansh Saxena

“Life begins with an expression” I aspire to be a writer, I like capturing emotions, expressions of daily life through my pen. According to me writing is a gift which god gave us to express ourselves. I write every moment I live , I feel every thing has a story behind it. My journey has started as my story has just begin… Its all about finding the writer in you . Share my blog if you can relate with my writing.

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