“It’s good to have money and things money can buy. But it’s better to check-up once in a while that you haven’t lost the things money can’t buy.”

Money is the driving force behind any society. It was meant to facilitate exchange and serve as a tool to ease our lives. But what was one created to replace the Barter system, has grown all strong and powerful to be the master totem.

A race for the master key to all the treasures in the world. But this race leads us nowhere, because the goal itself as an illusion. An illusion knitted so well that eyes fail to look beyond. Or rather I should they fear to look beyond.

Ask your children what they want in life. A villa? A supercar? Everybody wants a house but nobody wishes for a home. Everybody wants to be successful but only a few wish for happiness and love. First we trade our health for money and then our money for health. A never ending loop. A piece of paper that valued commodities now values relationships. A shabby scheme to negotiate our dreams.

Money is a drug that is consuming human mind from within. Both of them follow the same principle: ‘If it doesn’t work, then you probably need more.’ For Drugs, sometimes it’s enough. For money it’s never.

All men are equal in the eyes of money. It fabricates minds of all men into a frenzied cyclone which wants to engulf everything it sees. A penniless beggar needs it as much as a filthy rich businessman wants it i.e. enough to satisfy their needs. The mere thought of it in abundance, escalates everyone into a state of Nirvana which possibly knows no hardships. Irony is, we spend our life in worries for this momentary state of happiness.

Don’t get me wrong, money is important but you need to be in charge of it and not the other way round. There always will be many things that money can’t buy. Value relationships. Chase your dreams. Seek happiness. Stay humble. Don’t give money such a stature that you forget the purpose of your life.

Remember, at your deathbed, your friend, for whom you lost everyone and everything, will come and kick you in the ass and say “Who are you?”


Hum kya lekar aaye they, kya lekar jayenge

Jo kuch paaya, wo bhi hum lutayenge

Aye khuda marzi ho teri,

toh paisa kya, bina saans hee jeete chale jayenge.



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Hardik Aggarwal

A II year undergraduate Business Administration student and an aspiring entrepreneur. An outgoing introvert who strives to fulfill his dreams with the philosophy that every individual on earth has a mission to fulfill. He is a focused and down to earth personality, who loves to volunteer for animal welfare and environmental causes. In his free time you can find him either reading, writing poetry, travelling or contributing his bit for the community. Get in touch with him at:

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