LOVE. When I say this word, I’m sure most of you might have first thought of your better halves or your parents or your friends. How many of you really thought of your own self ? Rarely anyone. We live in a world that is so busy finding happiness, acceptance, sympathy and endearment from the society that we forget to love ourselves in the first place. We invest so much of our emotions into other people that we start neglecting our own life. We look in the mirror and only find flaws in ourself and think that there is someone better than us out there. There is no greater power than loving yourself. No shortcut to a blissful world than knowing your self-worth and being self-aware. Here are a list of reasons why you must start loving yourself from today itself :

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  1. It makes you a happier person – Self-love keeps all the negativity away from you and instills positivity and happiness in you since you finally know your self worth and opinions of the society won’t bother you anymore. You start looking at the brighter side of life and ignore the flaws. You become content with what you are and what you have.


  1. It makes you healthy – Scientifically proven, the more loved you are, the happier you will be and happiness each day surely keeps the diseases away!


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  1. It boosts your confidence – It gives you the strength and courage to go after your dreams . It makes you want to try more things as you know you have nothing to lose. It makes you work on your weaknesses and eventually you attain success.


  1. It makes you self sufficient – No more do you have to go and seek someone else’s help or even their company. You stop being dependent on others and start helping yourself.


  1. It makes you able to love someone else – The best thing about loving your self is that you know how to exactly love your companion. You know how to accept their imperfections, to forgive their mistakes, to be empathetic and to appreciate them.


  1. It helps you learn to be a secure person – Self- love makes you a very secured person and you no longer have to want or need anyone else’s attention. Security helps you to expect less out of other people and thus reduces the chances of you getting hurt.


  1. It heals you – Loving your self heals all your wounds and brings you to peace with yourself. It fills up the void in your heart and gives you the power to start afresh.

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  1. Avoid negative criticism about yourself.
  2. Stay away from your negative folks
  3. Assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Give yourself a ‘me time’ everyday
  5. Do the things you love.
  6. Pamper yourself.

Try to love yourself and I am sure it won’t disappoint you since loving one’s own self is a story that can never end and all its pages will fill you with immense mirth. Go the ‘mei apni favorite hoon’ way 😉



Shortcut to a Better Life
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