Ranveer Singh was criticised for his Rex talk video that he did in collaboration with Durex. But what was wrong in it? Just because it talks about SEX, you are offended? For once, it is time to open up.

Be it talking about sex, be it doing it, be it virginity; everything is hyped in Indian society and hushed up as if a crime.  It is not!

In a country where shows like Roadies and Splitsvilla are watched so eagerly that they continue till 7 or 8 seasons, in a country with one of the world’s largest population, in a country where Kamasutra was written, in a country with temples like Khajurao with caricatures of couple making love; sex is a taboo.

When everyone does it then why talking about sex is considered a taboo? After all, it is the reason of your existence and also of every single person on this earth.  Not talking about sex does suffocate society. You cannot ban biology from being taught and you can’t control what your child learns day in and day out and believe me, they do get hints from various places.  By not talking about sex you are depriving them of all the sense and sensitivities attached to it and somewhere you are creating a scenario where out of curiosity they may do something wrong.

Sex is a personal issue and pre-marital or marital, a personal choice. Why criminalise people for having sex? It is not a crime for sure. Everyone does it at some point in their lives, and if not then how were you born?

Another major issue attached is “virginity” and dare I say it is not an important one. In our patriarchal society, if a man has sex before marriage, it is nothing great and some even look at it as a proof of his manliness! But if a woman does the same she grabs eyeballs more than a high TRP show! She is immediately entitled as a slut. Why? People here symbolise a woman’s virginity as her strength of character and her love and loyalty for her husband, who is yet to enter her life.

Does being a virgin guarantee that your woman is loyal or will always be loyal? Or does it guarantee a happy marriage?  Is this anything but a way to establish supremacy of men and objectifying women? What a woman is, her ideals, her dignity, her love, her respect is not determined by her virginity. It is time women be respected and loved for what they are as a person, what they make of their life and not for their virginity.

Sex is not just one stand alone issue. It is something intricately related to various issues and to solve each and every issue, be it teen porn, virginity, teen sex, STD’s or relationships, it is time we first open up and talk sex.

Coming from a girl, these words may again be seen as shameful. But, I am not ashamed. Why should I be? Talking is not a sin and nor is talking about sex. It’s something that everyone does until you are some saintly being! So why shy away? Talk sex.



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