Be it the teen singer Rihanna or President Obama’s daughters- Sasha and Malia. Be it a house party or a wedding- a selfie is for all reasons, seasons and persons. Tilt your SMARTPHONE at an angle that suits you, hunt for a light source and POSE. Pouts, duck faces, raised eyebrows, sideway smiles, puppy eyed stares, messed up hair and what not. Snap.

After snapping a trail of pictures and deciding which ONE is the choicest, a pleasing filter is applied, borders are added, outlines are blurred, lights are adjusted, masks are added and colours are saturated. At times, you may come up with grids, frames and collages too. Then, with a couple of clicks, you’re ready to upload your selfie to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Hike, Viber or Line. You put up the picture with a flattering caption and in no time, your picture is retweeted, tagged and shared. Your notification panel over floods with thumbs-up signs, comments and heart-shaped emoticons.


The SELFIE trend has even reached outer space. In December 2013, Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide took the greatest selfie of all times at the International Space Station. The resulting image encompassed the sun, the Earth, two portions of a robotic arm, a spacesuit and the deep darkness of the infinity beyond.

Facebook and Instagram welcome the posting of selfies and actively support them.  Searching for “#selfie” on Instagram, for example, shall instantly present you with an astonishing number of images. For some, selfies are a way to seek praise regarding their looks, new jewellery hair style or new outfit. They unlock their phone several times a minute as they are hoping for friends and followers to tell them that they’re ‘pretty’ or are wearing a ‘flattering outfit’. At reunions too, the cluster of friends or family members spend increasing amounts of time taking pictures of themselves together to show others what they’re up to and in a sense reinforce their own personal self-esteem and security.

Some argue that the ‘selfie mania’ we are subject to has caused us to become self-obsessed narcissists while journalists from the USA believe that selfies reflect what we so often already contain- the simple joy of being alive. The development of the selfie as a viral trend has inevitably grabbed the attention of our society. It’s now become a familiar, frequently used word of the English language, making it increasingly difficult to ignore, and no doubt justifying it as the Word of the Year 2013.



SELFIE – A Global Phenomenon
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