A person with books is a great healthy and wealthy! Well wealthy in not financial, but in knowledge. There have been million books written each day about anything that people would love to read and want to know…even for any instruction to any cause a “book” is a can-opener!

Books reveal one’s interest and sometimes reflect its personality and character. A book lover gets impressed by the one having a huge book shelves when visit their home, reflecting a very good idea of the kind of the person he is. Valuable things are always displayed! A book being valued and valuable are though have different meanings. One of my most valued books is my storybooks which my parents made them read to me as a little girl. Somehow they helped me to grow me with wonderful thoughts and inspiring. I remember, those attractive cover pages full of colors: pink, red, yellow were the main ingredients. The pages were cartoony embodied which helped us to pick-up stories and moral instantly! Now, the cover page is missing and pages are yellowed…but I value this book not because I found stories and memories, but because my parents valued it enough to keep me growing till the date. Still sometimes when I shuffle my shelves and it presents me out of a corner, I teared up and went straight to my favorite story title I still remember…
— Mother duck, quak-quak
—Teachings of Jesus
—The thirsty crow
—Cinderella, of course!

every girl's dream story!

every girl’s dream story!

Some books have changed now through their publication scenario, especially the one based on History! The Historical books are one generic category of books, which is a can of knowledge and truthfulness. I personally was a keen reader of Historical fact readership. Today these historical accounts are depicted quite differently than they are presently publicized, this is why the older collections are much valuable As time changes, the books are updated to reflect current conditions, culture, attitudes with something being lost if no accurate record is kept for the past. The updating process indeed relies on the past versions carrying the base with it to years!

Well to own the real track of edition is a real treat. Current books are collectors because they are signed with a strong base of knowledge from older ones. If the books are updated without base of facts you will never see their value in lifetime and could not be afforded on famous book shelves!

Books are full of treasure! Though I am not a friendly reader, yet when in mood, I love snagging down on the bed and get lost in good lines. A good book can satisfy for a long time. I would love to counter pass my books to my future as they would be valued for me. Not because they are the books, but because of their smooth grow from the roots. There is always a message and sayings and lessons to be gained through.


my latest biography hold!

my latest biography hold!

Biographies have been my most interesting hold on books! They are quite interesting, telling out someone’s life—up & downs, joys and sorrows and go all through them. And the lessons life has taught that they willed to pass along to the reader and becoming inspirational mode. Now, what if there were no books to hold—cherish and collect? How? The generation of world wide web has almost eliminated the need of book. It’s just a flip of switch, mouse hacked for click, click n click and the information needed appears within seconds as the movement is bothersome to much extent. Somewhere books have become obsolete….! But still for deep and intense knowledge, a book is the first need at any step. Technology may have been at superior; still the reach is quite a distance apart. I have seen people packing up the shelves of books with other decor items and gadgets, but at some instance of life, there will be a need to unpack the shelves with same counting of books…because still books are valued..!!

I strongly believe we will ever be without books. The generation of booklovers and readers will be back as a popular saying: History repeats itself…and the world will allow to happen it. The people will be seen hoarding books in palms with the same spirit before it gets lost forever…




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