It is our secret
He said this to her…….. It acted like a balm on her wounds. She had everything a child could possibly wish for. All the latest games, branded clothes, a fridge full of her favorite chocolates and ice-creams….. She lived in palace with maids at her service all day all night…… She was the apple of the eyes, but there was something that always bothered her.
Her twinkling eyes conveyed something totally different than what her painted face ever did. The broken smile pierced into the soul, her gaze questioned every person…..As if she was blaming people for their deeds…………
She followed the instructions given to her…… without uttering a single word. It seemed as if she had made it a part of her life…..
She felt it; it caused her immense pain….. She wanted to scream but as god was not being cruel enough that he denied her the power of voice. He made her sit on her lap, rubbed her back, unzipped her dress and slid inside his hands…… The hands just did not leave marks on her flawless skin but it scared her soul……….
She sat their motionless, without making any sound…. But eyes questioned the blind and deaf society. Her eyes questioned the luxury given to her at the cost of her security……
Every time her nightmare came to an end, these words acted like a balm…. As he whispered in her ears……… It is our secret.



It is our secret
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