In early 20th century many Arab countries like Syria got independence from western countries. The creation of Israel in 1948 was resented by the Arab countries including Syria, Iraq and Egypt. They affirmed themselves by the Arab national movement and rejected the idea of western hegemony, this lead to a number of Arab countries siding with the USSR during the cold war. In return, Soviet Union provided financial and military support. During 1955-60, USSR gave Syria more than 200 million dollars of military aid in exchange of Soviet influence and increased foreign trade. In 1971 Assad family got the control of Syria, the new leader Hafez-al-Assad established a hereditary authoritarian regime. Since then Syria has been witnessing socio-economic problems and Human Rights violations.

The civil war in Syria originated with the Arab spring of 2011. Syrian protestors came out against the Assad regime. In response the Bashar Al Assad Government attacked and suppressed the protestors, triggering a widespread resentment against the regime which ultimately gave birth to anti-government rebels. Due to various Human Rights violation by the Syrian authorities, United Nations imposed sanctions on Syria which was vetoed by Russia.
Shortly after the conflict escalated, US started helping Syrian rebels against the government; even Arab league extended its support. Qatar for instance gave 3 billion dollars to the rebels. As a result these anti-government forces gained military power and captured a large area of Syria. It is alleged that these rebels have close ties with the ISIS.

Russia, in early September 2015, deployed military tanks and cargo planes in Syria and the Russian parliament approved of air strikes. Over the past year Russia has refused to cease the air strikes in Syria despite the large scale civilian casualties especially in the city of Aleppo. Some reports by UN backed organizations suggest that more civilians have been killed in these air strikes than ISIS members. Albeit Russian attempts have lead to a cease fire, more than 33,000 people have been killed in Aleppo.

Shortly after a new cease fire resumed in Syria, a gunman shot and killed a Russian Ambassador in Turkey, he then shouted “Allah Akbar! Don’t forget Aleppo and don’t forget about Syria”.
Syria has been Russia’s closest and currently the only ally in the Middle East. On multiple occasions Russia has pledged to support Syrian government against terrorism and external aggression. Problems in Iraq, Egypt and Libya have been very injurious for Russia. It is for the interest of Russia to keep its ally powerful and stable. As long as Assad remains in power, Russia will control Syria.
The Syrian civil war has been one of the most deadly conflicts in recent past but Russia’s support to the Assad government has been unprecedented.



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