Rosheena Zehra is from Lucknow and has been living in Delhi since 2010 when she moved here for education. She studied English Literature for five years, at Miranda House, University of Delhi, and Jamia Millia Islamia. She apparently has a borderline disturbing obsession with cats and the night-sky.

Q.1 What or who inspired you to write?

I have been writing since I was eleven years old. There is no particular reason or person or thing which inspired me to write when I sat down to scribble down words for the first time all these years ago. Once I began with it, I realised how much I love the process. There has been no looking back since then.


Q.2 Did you ever imagine yourself becoming a novelist? Was it your dream?

I have known since the age of eleven that one day I would be a writer. Everything that I’ve ever done has been a conscious step towards it. Every movie or TV show I watch, every book I read, every conversation, experience I have –they are all attempts towards making me understand life, stories and characters better, and therefore help me improve as a writer. It’s less of a dream and more of who I am as a person, writing is that natural and effortless to me.


Q.3 Your book ‘Dreamcatcher’ deals with clinical depression. Why did you specifically choose this topic?

One day a character came to me –she was a character who deliberately chose madness over sanity to fight off loneliness. I began questioning the reasons behind her choice. And that’s how began the story of a girl whose madness would become a comment on society. The book is not just about clinical depression, but about everything else that precedes and succeeds it. All of it serves the purpose of drawing attention to a society which has forced us into denying ourselves all that we truly want. Art should make you think, because thinking leads to thoughts which lead to action which leads to reform, and things that disturb us, touch us, tend to stay with us longer. Thus, I chose the darkness of the human mind as the theme of Dreamcatcher.


Book launch of Dreamcatcher


Q.4 In times when we see decline in the people who actually read novels, how would you encourage them to take up reading ?

No matter the extent of decline in reading, stories that touch us, will always survive. I would encourage readers to look within themselves, figure out the stories they are looking for and then make an attempt to find them in books. Once they find these stories, I assure you it will be a peace, a sense of satisfaction they have never experienced before.


Q.5 What is the importance of Literature in your life?

I studied English Literature for five years because I loved the subject so much. I grew up in a city like Lucknow where I was exposed to Urdu literature even before I knew the meaning of the word ‘literature’. The poetry of Rumi, who’s a Persian poet, has touched me in ways literature produced in languages I am well-versed in has often failed to. These are just a few examples of how a big and important of my life is influenced by literature, and not just English, but whatever little exposure I have had to literature in Urdu, Hindi, Farsi and so on and so forth. I could go on talking about this but perhaps you get the point.

Q.6 What next? When is your next novel coming out? Any plans? If yes then please do share the story with us.

I have lots of plans, enough to keep me busy for at least another decade. What I plan to work on next is a trilogy about the Grim Reaper. But I would place him in the Indian context, inspired more by Yama from Hindu Mythology than its Western counterpart. He would be called Varuna and it will be a fantasy about his adventures. I am not sure of anything else except for Varuna and his story as of now.

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