Religion and spirituality are often considered synonymous to each other or as a part of each other. Each day we talk about how our race is progressing in every sphere of our lives. But what matters the height of the tree which isn’t attached to its roots. Our basic fundamentals of life still remain inherently weak.

Religion has always been with us. It’s our first attempt to question our existence and purpose of life. A venture to seek and establish truth. An endeavor to fill the void between known and unknown. It developed as a supreme collection of beliefs, guidelines and world views. A pattern of thoughts in our conscious and subconscious mind guided by a self-created higher authority.

As human mind continues to be brimmed with knowledge across ages, the room left for wisdom is very less. As such religions evolved as the mother of convenience. It justifies our greed as our need. It encourages guiltless brutality in search of timeless purity. It embodies our ignorance as our acceptance. Once the ideal idea, is now a fictional story. Just like dreams, the origins of religion cannot be determined. A mirage, which lures answer hungry travelers of life towards itself. Ultimately, it became nothing but a powerful tool to control the masses.

Spirituality, on the other hand, dwells on experiential growth which is unique to everyone. It goes beyond the perceived dimensions of the world. A deeper consciousness that’s internal instead of some external force. An experience beyond five senses which brings in harmony both body and mind. It strives to understand divinity instead of mere conformity.

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Alexandra K. Trenfor once said “The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see.” And that’s what the underlying difference between the two is.

Religions have played their part in both good and bad. But today world needs to grow on spiritual grounds. It’s time for truth and human compassion to prevail in this world. With diminishing, rather vanishing human values, atmosphere of unrest and growing religious rudiments, it’s important that we realize our inner potential.

Remember, a religious fanatic can transact the world. A spiritualist will transform it.

God can never be defined. Nor you can sum up the teachings or guidelines for this limitless life in few thousand pages. Have the religions been wrongly interpreted or are they the license to embrace the wrong? The answer remains unknown. Maybe religions are different paths for reaching the same destination i.e. the almighty. But as you know “Life is a journey, and not a destination”.

It’s time to unlearn what we have learned.



Religion and spirituality, Decoded.
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