Being a frequent train traveler, I keep hearing a lot of people crib about how annoying the Mumbai locals are and how crowded they can get ,but here are a few reasons to love the Mumbai locals which are just overlooked by all of us :

1.  It teaches you to value time

Mumbai locals definitely teach us how to value time . 8:55 am and 9:00 am local can be the best example of how much difference  5 minutes can really make.

2. It inculcates flexibility in you
The major reason to love the trains are that it can even make the most rigid person flexible,because apparently it leaves you with no other option. One day you just have to fit yourself in the 4th seat or just find yourself some space to breathe and not complain about it.

3.  It develops you to be sacrificing
Traveling in local trains teaches you that sometimes it is important to let go of the only seat that’s available in the train for someone else who might just need it more.

4.  It helps you experience the diversity of India
One day in the train is enough for you to come across the different kinds of people and languages that exist in India or Mumbai ,to be precise.

5. It teaches you to be calm
If you’re one of those people who has no patience at all, Mumbai locals totally inculcate the same in you. Whether it is the train that’s late or over crowded with people quarelling all around you, it explains you the importance of being composed.

6.  It saves you from the traffic of Mumbai
The best reason to love the train is that it totally saves you from the irritating, hour-long traffic jams of the City. The same route which can be covered in a train in an hour might take about 2-2:30 hours during jams.

7.  It helps you to do cheap shopping
Don’t we all love some cheap,adorable retail therapy?

8.  You learn some smart tricks, too
We have all traveled ticket less once in our life  and tried various ways to escape from the eyes of the ticket checker.

9.  Traveling by train makes you independent
Once you know how to travel by train, you can never be afraid of going anywhere all by yourself.

10.  It makes you thankful for your own life
While traveling in the trains ,there maybe many a days where you can just pity a few people you see and feel so blessed for the kind of life you are living.



Reasons why you need to absolutely love the Mumbai Locals
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