Maximum percentage of today’s youth goes to college or may be planning to go in one and others might have passed out, it is for each one out there. While each one of us has a particular dream college and with that a dream about the college life, the reality shatters all of it. Funny! Well, yes J.

Each one of us, at sometime of our life would have planned a fantasy college world, wherein there are bunch of your friends amongst whom you are the favorites, there are guys who have a crush on you, and there is a handsome hunk who will fall for you; music will over cloud the scene with a beautiful breeze. Well, then comes reality.

First of all, on the very first day of college, every single student feels lost and tries to make friends, within a week the whole new breeding friendship breaks and eventually everyone goes with a new group of friends. There are no such tags of “hero”, “heroine” and “villain” of the college, because each student acts like one. All of them are hero or heroine and all of them are villain to someone or the other. There is no existing place like “cool popular guy/girl” of the college. This is a hint, come out of your silly dream; you are no more in school, which is a very limited world, wherein everyone knows everyone. It is college, every year, grownups come and go, the cycle keeps moving.

Nobody is bothered even if you take class or not, no spoon feeding and no such exciting fun and bonding. Putting it simply, everything in college is PLASTIC, artificial. Nobody cares who you are and what you do.

Sad? I cannot help it. That is the truth. Cinema, has spoilt our ways of thinking and fantasying life. If we take bollywood, it has only with help of Karan Johar and many other renowned directors and producers, helped us to imagine college life as cool and happening as their movies such as; Mohobateein, Student of the Year, Main Hoon Naa, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Dil Wil Pyar Wyar and many more. But the truth is completely the matter of the other side of the coin.

college ahead

So, I would just suggest each one of you that simply do not worry about anything. Never wonder why the professors do not like you because they are so busy beings that they do not have the time to like or dislike any one. Chill down if you are not the “popular” one, because nobody is and nobody even cares. Stop being crazy if you do not get any proposal, never think that you are not attractive, because each one of us is beautiful in our own style. Proposals do not matter, it is the lovely stupid moments that will make you laugh when you open the dairy in your mind about your college days.

Do not go hyper, just chill and enjoy the reality of college, obviously it is not the same as the cinema promises us, but it is exciting with the face of its own.

Live. Love. Laugh.



Reality Test of College
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