Flipping through the pages of a daily newspaper, I happened to find it again!


There it was. This small piece of news along with a customary picture and a familiar headline, “A 20 year old girl raped in the city- again!”


Ah Silly!


Why do they even bother to sell such news. It has become a trend in India. Men have gone all bonkers, uncivilised, boorish and they can afford to do so, thanks to our patriarchal society. Since they are the primary authority and sometimes have no control over their sexual desires, they can rape a girl and satisfy their hunger.


You foolish girl!


You were born in India, the modern India, as we likely call it. You have no other choice but to live in the fear of getting raped by a beast. Sure, keep a pepper spray in handy whenever you move out but they are out there, waiting for you. You manage to escape one but soon you will fall prey to some other brute.


Oh Girl!

Men have their own reasons for raping you. Given below are some:


  1. Well this girl wears short and tight clothes. She chooses Western culture over the Indian. She definitely has no morals and hence needs to be punished. Rape her!
  2. Oh! She is out with her boyfriend late at night. What a whore! She so wants to have fun! Rape her! Even better, let’s all rape her taking turns.
  3.  Yes! I am finally in a big city. This gives me ticket to rape a vulnerable city girl.
  4. Really? She works late at night in office. What do you think she does? Screwing her bosses? No morals I tell you. Rape her!
  5. Well, she has lots of guy friends and look, what if I cannot be one of them, I could definitely get close to her by raping her. She would then consider me a friend, right? Yes, you psycho, why not! J
  6.  She is my wife! I have my right on her. Consensual sex! Who cares? I fucking married her! This gives me the license to get her in my bed even if it calls for raping her!
  7. You wouldn’t rape a five year old, would you? Of course! Why not? She is after all nothing but a girl. She wears a frock, its short. She is carefree. She has a ‘V’ and will grow a pair of boobs in no years. I might as well rape her before someone else does. I have my own desires.

Oh! You filthy creature!


You talk about desires?


Ever wondered about the desires of a girl? You just didn’t stick your thing to her’s, you raped her innocence, her freedom,her dignity, her self respect, her future, her family. Yes, your desires raped her life!


But as I said, Men have their own reasons for raping you. They are out there trying to teach you some goddam morals.  Moreover, there are a few who back up the rapists with statements like, “Boys sometimes make mistakes, why hang them for such a mistake?” We totally get it! Even we made a mistake by not hitting his balls hard! But then we are women, remember? The weaker sections of the society ?


Well, now you get what’s trending in India? So, what’s your deal?What’s your reason for raping her?




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