As the name suggests, the film is a modern adaptation of the life of the notorious psychopath Raman Raghav, who killed 41 people just for fun back in 1960s.

This film is about a man, named Ramanna, who is highly inspired by the actual Raman Raghav. Played by Nawazuddin Siddqui, this is arguably the best performance of his career. He walks around the streets of Mumbai, with a wrench and later with an iron rod, making it extremely difficult to decode his thinking.

A high paced, tightly packed film, divided into 9 chapters in format of a novel, keeps the audience stuck till the end. With all the strong performances, the film is supported by a mind-blasting background score by Ram Sampath, which compliments the dark mood. The film creates such an atmosphere where rather than feeling sorry for the victims, you try to search for the logic inside Ramanna’s head. Yes, the film may be disturbing for many viewers.

Vicky Kaushal, one the finest actors in the industry today, plays a role of a drug-addict cop, who loves to misuse his powers. Great performance is needed to share screen space with Nawaz and yet be visible. Vicky Kaushal has done it effectively. The cop’s thinking is quite similar to Ramanna. Impulsive and Confused. It would be a spoiler to talk more about the two main characters.

Talking about the director, only Anurag Kashyap can manage to shoot such a film in 20 days. Yes, RR 2.0 was completed in just 20 days. To prove his identity after the failure of Bombay Velvet, as he said in an interview, he has given his best in the film. Effective use of locations, strange camera angles, the ability to take out the best from actors never makes his films look like they’re low budget.

In one sentence – ‘Raman Raghav 2.0 is a perfect thriller film’. Watch it for the best Indian Director-Actor jodi, Kashyap and Nawaz.


ELTRIVATE rates it 4.5.



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