Rain oh rain

perish this vain

clouds oh clouds

enter my lane


Drench oh drench

in the drizzle drops

quench oh quench

those thirsty crops


Glide oh glide

on these rainbow arcs

blaze oh blaze

dear watery sparks


Nature oh nature

turn yourself green

dew oh dew

merge to marine


Time oh time

make me a kid back

voyage oh voyage

of a little titanic in my rack


Feel oh feel

a echoing silence

scent oh scent

a muddy essence


Cruise oh cruise

my life will sail

breeze oh breeze

in the nearby vale


Pray oh pray

for drops to pour

smile oh smile

let the showers roar


Rain oh rain

perish this vain

clouds oh clouds

enter my lane!



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Hardik Aggarwal

A II year undergraduate Business Administration student and an aspiring entrepreneur. An outgoing introvert who strives to fulfill his dreams with the philosophy that every individual on earth has a mission to fulfill. He is a focused and down to earth personality, who loves to volunteer for animal welfare and environmental causes. In his free time you can find him either reading, writing poetry, travelling or contributing his bit for the community. Get in touch with him at:

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