Reading the title  many would say, that I am going to talk about the gap of rich and poor or a story of a person who became poor and after some miraculous activity ,his fortunes changed. Sorry but I am not going to talk about these clichés.

You face many people daily, some you remember while many you don’t even notice  in the fast moving world.  Sam was an American who lost his job and  was outsourced to India . He was facing a hard time trying to understand the nature of people and culture . One day while reading newspaper, he looked at the other side of the boundary of his wall and saw a man peeping, he did not pay much attention. After few days that man came to his doorstep invited him for lunch at his house. Sam was surprised by the sudden invitation , but he went ahead . The man was a “ MACHWARA ” who lived in a chaul near hind maha sagar,  Sam was surprised to see that he had a home as small as match box which provided shelter to his whole family .The family had nothing  but a smile on their face , limited food yet satisfied with life.He saw joy in their eyes with every bite they took, it was not a deluxe thali yet he felt he had tasted the best food in his life. The food was “Happiness” which was missing from his life.

So ,it doesn’t matter what turns life may throw at you , just remember happiness is  just round the corner ,life is full of surprises. Live the moment…



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Devansh Saxena

“Life begins with an expression” I aspire to be a writer, I like capturing emotions, expressions of daily life through my pen. According to me writing is a gift which god gave us to express ourselves. I write every moment I live , I feel every thing has a story behind it. My journey has started as my story has just begin… Its all about finding the writer in you . Share my blog if you can relate with my writing.

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