1.  Home made packs and scrubs.
A  home made face pack is very easy to make.
So,here are some face packs that can be prepared at home.
* make a paste of lime juice and honey.
* make a paste of lime juice,turmeric and milk .
* lime juice and cucumber.
* lime juice +turmeric

Scrubs are also easy to prepare .
They can be made from oatmeal, yogurt, gram flour etc.

The best out of these and the most effective one is an oatmeal scrub.
It is really simple in terms of preparation.
Ingredients –
1/2 cup oatmeal
1/4 cup warm water / 1/4 cup warm milk in case of dry skin.

Steps –
* Wash your face using a face wash .
* Use a light moisturiser 3)Mix the oatmeal along with water/milk in a bowl.
* Apply it evenly all over you face.
* Leave it for 15 mins. And then rinse off .

In case your too lazy to make it your self then you can always buy an oatmeal scrub.
The best available oatmeal scrubs are:

  •  VLCC firangipani and oatmeal gentle
  • Fab India face scrubs – Honey and oatmeal.
  • Lotus Herbals white glow – Oatmeal scrub.

2) Always carry a sunscreen and face wash , when travelling outdoor.
Even on a cloudy day use a sunscreen.

 3) Drink green tea its very beneficial for skin.
It has anti oxidants and flavanoids

Have a flawless skin this summer which you can flaunt.
This is even for men .
Have a happy summer!



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