What is Prostitution?

The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment! Do you think this is the true reasons for the existence of brothels and prostitution? Lets assume this to be the reason for its existence then why has government failed to curb it? If only it is a matter of money then it’s not a big task for someone to end it. Rather i feel that prostitution is an aftermath of existence of society, Prostitutes are among us but they are not the part of the society. They are outcast

We will have sex, We will have fun, We will make fun, We will drag them into it but We will not accept them. This is what our society believes in and accept them to believe the so.

It is happening from last 20 centuries but is needed to end in the 21st century.

A documentary on Prostitution was made by young and enthusiastic media students who went around places where brothels existed and talked to people who are trying to curb it and interviewed a ‘Women’ who is now out of the business of flesh trade.

There won’t be a better thing to interview people who made this documentary and had a tryst with THEIR destiny.

Eltrivate-According to you, what will be the correct measures to either curb Prostitution or provide the prostitutes with a respectable life?

Mohona- Curbing prostitution can never be the solution, most people in the country believe them to be outcastes or people who deserve to be shunned so even if we drag them out of the dirt that they lie in people won’t ever let them live peacefully. Secondly if we talk about giving them a respectable life, just one question, if I ever introduce you to one of my friends who is professionaly a whore would you want to have lunch with her sitting on the same table? Anyway I would rather suggest that let them just be, because both ways it is not really possible for us the so called ‘better human beings’ but yeah if someone really wants to come out clean of the flesh trade then yes being a concerned human being I would like to help that woman secretivly and would expect similar action from others out there.

Arpita- See there are many measures to save them, but the thing is that no one wants to save them..if they are out from there respective field, this society will never accept them because they are a sex worker…they will only get a respectable life when they will not led “THIS SOCIETY” there work.

Eltrivate- How and What did you feel between those people?

Mohona- Obviously I was living a dream while I shot the movie, all I could think was that every other person on earth thinks that he/she is in trouble but when you talk to or interact with such people you realize that life could not have been any better, I’ve heard people saying that women chose this profession over any other profession because this gives them the option to also fulfil their lust while they earn, I really feel sorry for such people coz they are yet to know what lust actually is and what prostitution consists of!

Arpita- It was really an eye opening project….i really thank Mohona to think about this topic..the experience was very heart touching..when we interviewed “Chandrelekha”the conditions of that village was really very bad…not Natpurwa the same applies to the brothals of Varanasi and Allahabad…It was really a great expirence to meet Ajit Singh the co founder of GURIA…..his views were alike.












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