Lucknow is growing and so its problems. The roads are in bad shape and river Gomti is polluted. Another problem of power shortage is making conditions miserable for the residents. The residents of the city are facing power cuts at regular intervals following by water scarcity in half of the city. After the storm on 30 May, power supply in many areas is still very irregular. Areas like Alambagh and its nearby areas are not getting normalise power supplies. Load shedding is still prevailing in the city to save system from crashing during peak hours. Areas like Tehripulia, Moti Ngar, Alambagh, Rani Ganj and Naka hindola are facing prolonged power cuts. According to the LESA officials, the load of transformers at several places has been increased because of the power demand has increased.

To find a solution to the power crisis, the Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav may urge the centre to make electricity available from the discretionary quote. The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL) officials have prepared a letter to be sent to the centre on behalf of the CM. It is estimate d that UP gets at least 1500 MW of power from discretionary quota but could not get more power because of grid constraints.

Besides power shortage, another crisis is of water supply that is affecting the city. On Monday, a sharp scarcity of water was noted in the areas of Purana Qila, Kashyap Nagar and Kalyanpur. Residents are also complaining that there is no water supply for two long days. In many areas, dirty water is being supplied. Water and electricity are two major needs of human, for rich and poor both.

With the announcement of the results of General Elections 2014, the city folks are in hope that    “Achche Din Aane Wale Hain”, but it seems that “Achche din” are far away.

Lucknow is the state capital and it is the duty of Lucknowite and government to save it from degradation. Our dream is to make Lucknow clean and green. The beauty of the city should be alive again. It is our city, our pride. So, wake up people.



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