Losing weight: You maintain a diet for a maximum of 10 days and then you are back to square one. It’s the most clichéd of all resolutions!

new year 1

Keep in touch with friends: You decide to make this year different than the previous but life catches up fast enough and those planned phone calls become a distant dream!

new year 2

Study regularly: The exams make you promise yourself that from this New Year you’ll study regularly but as soon as they are done…parties are all we’ve got mates!

new year 3

Social hibernation: You decide to go off the grid for a while but the tempting smart phone doesn’t really leave your trail, does it?!

new year 4

Quit smoking: This is perhaps the most-failed-at resolution of all times. And I guess you all know why!new year 5

Saving money: The first week you manage to gather a few pennies and as time passes by, so does the money!

new year 6

Stop lying: This one is probably the funniest of all considering the very idea of getting through a single day speaking nothing but the truth!

new year 7



New Year Resolutions that always go down the Drain!
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