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I opened my eyes and felt a strange sensation through my body. It was new in my part. Then I saw a nurse bringing me the most beautiful thing in tis universe. She said “madam here is your princess”. She left. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. That lovely creature was cuddling to herself and sleeping soundly. She was my daughter. My blood, my skin, my very own thing. I couldn’t hold my tears. They fell down happily. Then she opened her eyes. She saw me. I felt her faint smile. I was the happiest woman in this entire universe. She let out a faint cry. I instantly knew she was hungry. I fed her and she again slept in my arms. I was smiling all the time. All I was doing was watching her move, wake up, smile and then sleep again. As if my eyes were recording those activities. I had got all the happiness ever written in a woman’s fate. She was my princess, my angel, my baby. She was so little that she would easily fit in my arms. Her tiny hands and feet, her small curly hair. Hazelnut eyes, rosy cheeks, pink lips. Altogether I can say she was beautiful like an angel descended from heaven into my arms. I didn’t know when and how time passed when she was around me. Dressing her up in a pink tutu and shoes, she would get so happy. She would smile and come to my lap and fill my face with her hugs and kisses. When she got tired of playing with her dolls she would crawl in my lap and sleep in there. My princess looked so adorable and cute when she would be sleeping with her thumb in her mouth. It all looked like a fantasy. Then a miracle happened. “Mamma” she called me. I couldn’t believe my ears. My princess called me mamma. It was such a melody chiming in my ears. I turned to her and saw my baby with her little feet was walking towards me and calling me mamma again. I felt that I was dreaming. But it was no dream. My angel was actually calling for me and was walking towards me. I rushed to her and held her close to me. Tears were escaping my eyes. I was so happy. No words can describe that feeling. All that time she kept calling me mamma and maa. She was a divine gift from heaven. She was my angel. The best gift a woman can get. Being a MOTHER.



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