It's raining rain..!!

It’s raining rain..!!

The city caught with a splash of relief and enjoyment as MONSOON covered Lucknow with grey darkness hoping to bring the smiles of people and capturing the jumpy moments in rain. The heavy rain droplets finally touched the soil with a mesmerizing smell which reminds us the 2 months of silky any grey weather all over the city. The locals doesn’t leave a moment to get-set-go with racing on roads, walk over the streets, hangover the sites and none other than bikes rush!!

It was yester evening, talkies-n-eating on street aside…friend hangover, suddenly the sunny sky turned to grayish as horrifyingly singing HALLE-lu-YAH..! Birds popping around became restless and flying with speedy one.  The people surrounded had a ravish expression rhyming with the cool wind and all smiles went along. Me one of them decided to drive all the way long on splashing the water logged. The tough droplets pouring upon me was seeming as if trying to pull me down from my awesome drive, but I cutting through the drops enjoyed upon me and all wet within seconds. Continuous bunching droplets felt me as on the clouds of water. The passerby looked with popping eyes, a girl driving through the races of rain. Matching with its speed was pampering and halle-lu-ing..!!

Meanwhile, the showers made a fluffy scene all around, the tress and plants were fresh, smelly, smiley, leading towards high on the sky looking so positive and enriched..!! MONSOON …laid a follow up path towards healthiness, freshness and pleased. It is King of season which brings along many desires to plough the fields and reap the harvest. The Lucknowites welcome the king of sky with several love story with a few comic twists! The colorful umbrellas, raincoats on roads brightens up the city with eye sprinkling moments. The people never misses the drops of monsoon. I though imagine some population stuck working in the offices, but likely made some reasons to view the clouds which are all different from everyday life! So, falling in love with monsoon BOOND is primarily justified…

So, we don’t miss the chance to date with LUCKNOW KI BAARISH…. and i go shuffle to the tunes of “Ke mil jae mujhe vo baarish”




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