My mother’s constant nagging about how many mistakes I have made in all my 19 years and how I still continue to make them over and over again got me thinking about the mistakes I have ACTUALLY made. Till date, I’ve probably made a 1001 mistakes, not counting the 1002 other, you know, “small” mistakes… What? Don’t judge me! I know you have your own 1002 “small” mistakes. Don’t lie!

So, going as far back as I can remember, I was this annoying small little thing with spectacles bigger than my face ( Still are, but now it’s just the “geeky” fashion, or, was) and an attitude that I could cover myself head to toe with about 7 times round. It just never was my fault! EVERYBODY knows that teachers in boarding schools are always teaming up and conspiring against the children! My parents just haven’t seen enough of this world. *sighing dramatically* Nobody gets it. I am the only one who knows it all. Must protect myself with another layer of attitude.

I now, apologize.

I always believed that my mom was my biggest enemy. SHE JUST DOESN’T GET IT! She only gave birth to me to torture me. And lecture me. And lecture me some more. I mean, all my friends have their own personal laptops! Why can’t I get one?! All my friends get pocket MONEY! All my friends sleep past midnight! All my friends go partying! All my friends have their freedom! All my…

I now, apologize.


I once believed that if he loves me, I’ll eventually learn to love him back. I mean, the various love-quote pages on Facebook did teach me something: Always choose the one who loves you and not who you love. Such deep words, much love. I was probably way too focused on the “P.S-I love you” love to see the “P.S-This is real life” love. But c’mon! This was the true love that will last forever and ever and I am Snow White which is why I got my Prince Charming in one go.

I now, apologize.

My friends meant the world to me. Being in a boarding school does that to kids. I could do anything for them. Even put my neck in the rope for them. But we were gonna stay together forever! Best friends forever and ever. My girlfriends! I don’t mind being the goat as long as they are happy. They’ll never cut me up for their own use! They love me! I’m such an amazing bestie!


I now, apologize.

There was once a time, when I actually thought, and I’m embarrassed to admit this, that the best combination I can ever wear with a pair of black jeans, is a black T-shirt.

I very sincerely apologize.

And even though today I have realized my flaws (Yes mom, you are right), I still wouldn’t NOT do them if given a chance to go back in time. These are EXACTLY the things that have made me wise enough to be what I am today. I might still be making these mistakes unconsciously, but the past HAS molded my present. Everybody has their own list of mistakes and everybody realizes theirs sooner or later. It’s just a matter of time. And the chance to understand oneself. Nobody can make you realize your mistakes, trust me, my mom tried. You’ll wake up one morning and have realization slam into you.

So, wait for that morning. And when that morning arrives, apologize.



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