I was happy roaming with no charges in the lanes of hazratganj and within next few hours I was waiting for the  flight to Delhi. All thanks to the air-hostesses of Air India 45 min passed  in a blink of an eye. Parting words of  the airhostess  as I was standing in que  were ‘PHIR SEVA KA MAUKA DIJIYEGA” and I started singing mauka mauka in my mind , Yeah that was a really good advertisement. Finally Australia won the world cup .  Sorry its my habit to go off topic on flight mode. Now keeping you wondering about the title and its connection to metro. Lets take you to Rajiv Chowk via metro . Yes I took a metro from Indira Gandhi International Airport  and strolling through the underground  metro station at 10 :30 pm made me realize why people took cabs. Well with limited budget I sat in the metro . The coach was full of silent people and my eyes were wondering  “  ITNA SANNATA KYUN HAI BHAI”. As stupid I could get I  asked a  co passenger ‘Bhai ye metro Dilli jaa rhi hai na”. As expected   he said   “Naa munna Kanpur hai agla station. He was chewing gutka and I asked him again ,bhai Kanpur ke ho  .

Moving on I finally reached Dhaula Kuan and then  took a metro to Rajiv Chowk. It sounds easy but literally scrambling through the crowd for the token was like playing unchartered 2 on low resolution desktop. I finally reached Rajiv Chowk and camera slowly started panning and  close up shot was on its way until an uncle pushed a lady and my focus shifted towards the ongoing situation. I was feeling clueless with so many metros going from one station to another. Mblock  ,L Block ,B Block . So many bridges and crowd  running in the rat race . Then I decided to take a metro towards Noida City Centre and after fighting my way to the token counter. I went to the platform and was shocked to see so many peoplea t 11p.m. Then I realized its not Lucknow. Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar bas ishq mohobbat pyaar . It’s a track from Dilli 6 in which Sonam Kapoor comes out of the Rajiv Chowk metro station wearing Skull Candy earphones. Uncanny story about Kala Bandar . Sorry I got off track again and bye as my  final destination is few seconds away from the announcement.

I need to find my los token , inorder to get out from this web!!!

“Yaar koi  token dhundo , Lal color ka tha,,

:O  and before I could call anyone ,phone battery had to die. All thanks to Airtel 3G net pack…..



Metro blues
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