The world is full of opinions and ideals .But when you look closer you find them being divided into two broad categories. They are generally pitted against each other in the same arena. Capitalist to Communists. Coca-Cola against Pepsi. Tea lovers versus Coffee drinkers. Xbox v/s PSP. Cricket fans or Football fans. And then there are the one who swear by DC and those for whom Marvel is the be all and end all.

Today the pop-cultural impact of comic books has transcended into a much larger picture.(Pun Intended) It is no longer limited to the stereotypical nerd and the geeky fanboy, but it has evolved into a much larger cultural movement.

Marvel Comics often presented flawed superheroes, freaks, and misfits—unlike the perfect, handsome, athletic heroes found in previous traditional comic book. And in breaking tradition Stan Lee helped a great deal. He revolutionized this comic genre by introducing superheroes designed to appeal to more all-ages readers than the predominantly child audiences which were the original targets for this medium.

The initials “DC” came from the company’s popular series Detective Comics, which featured Batman’s debut and subsequently became part of the company’s name. Today the initials DC command a lot of respect as they represent some of the greatest superheroes and some pretty great villains.

The rivalry between Marvel Comics and Detective Comics is a legendry one. As legendary as the stories they create. We have a whole range of superheros that enter our   lives from both these universes. And in their own way they try to change our lives. We all have our own personal favorites. And we fight for our favorites, defend them, carry them along with us.

The popularity of these heroes has transcended from comic stands into much more, we have movie franchise. Merchandise like shoes, shirts, caps, bottles wallets you name it and the superheroes have their stamp on it. So much so even our TV shows are dedicated to these guys. The future seems very promising for heroes and the universe they represent as well, because there is a whole roster of films being awaited by us fans.





We have seen that in DC films, the hero seem to fight a personal battle while trying to save his humanity or of those around him and this has made the movie a little edgy and maybe darker. Especially when compared to the Marvel films. Which tend to take on a lighter note. The films try to amuse the audience and make them laugh. The heroes are often seen joking around in battle which is a surprising turn from DC movies.

Marvel has played its card and released some of its blockbuster movies. And made its many fans happy. And now they are waiting for Civil War a movie which will be final in the Captain America’s trilogy. The presence of Spiderman in this movie has also had the fans excited. The idea of a single film having more than one superhero has always been exciting and the crossovers and cameos add to the already peaked up interest. Not far behind in this trend is DC with its much awaited superhero flick which has fans and rivals all waiting, not so patiently for the mega movie ( see the trending hash tag on twitter #SupermanVBatman or #BatmanVSuperman).

Even though we see strong loyalty for both the camps. Nowadays people are willing to go for movies from both the sides. Which is great for business. The clear line between the Comic giants is still very strong but they seem to be in a friendly rivalry with each other. In 1996 they combined and came up with a crossover series which had our favorite superhero’s fighting each other .And the winner was obviously left to the fans as their votes decided who would win in the  crossover comic battle.

That was ten years back. Now we have the box-off battles choosing winners. Lines are again drawn let’s see who claims victory this time.









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