Madaari: “Baaz chuhe pe jhapta, use utha le gaya. Kahaani sacchi lagti hai magar acchi nahi lagti. Baaz pe palatwaar hua, kahaani sacchi nahi lagti magar, khuda kasam acchi lagti hai.”

The trailer, somewhat made its viewers feel that the film has a strong content with a lot of thrill. But what exactly has the film to offer?

Released this Friday, Madaari is a film about a common man, who is very upset with the system, and seeks revenge till the end. Even the film had a lot of great actors, the film turned out to be a cliched, stretched till eternity and a flick which never stayed on the track. No one expects much from the director Nishikant Kamat, but as a human being there is always a hope. So let me just inform, the hope has been shattered again.

What are the good things in the film? Do not expect a long list for this.

1. The performance by Irrfan Khan. This was very obvious. By his acting skills, Irrfan always put some magic into some boring characters. If you do not like the film, you will certainly enjoy Irrfan’s performance.

2. The song – Masoom Sa. Sung by Sukhwinder Singh, the song when played in the background adds a bit of brilliance into the film. This should not be confused with the background music, which was not that good.

What makes the film bad?

1. The treatment: Stretched and repetitive sequences makes the film uninteresting.

2. The story: The protagonist, fighting against the whole system, alone. Did it sound like the award winning film ‘A Wednesday’? Because it is. The film is a cliche and has nothing new to show.

3. No particular focus: The film has numerous social issues, Poor Politics, Corrupt Police, Poor Infrastructure and what not. The film has no particular path to follow making it a vague film.

4. Dialogues: Heroic dialogues could not save the poor script. The actor delivers a great dialogue and the viewer wait for something good to happen.

The film ends, you walk out of the theatre and oh, you are still waiting for it. Madaari is an example how a potential film can be ruined. Watch it out for Irrfan’s performance, nothing else.

ELTRIVATE rates it 2 out of 5.



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