Leaves rustled in the trees , except at occasional intervals when an abrupt gust of dusty wind swept up the streets.The Brickfielder boasted of great strength. Tiny beads of sweat glistened on his forehead. His eyes were glimmering and his face was a deep shade of red. Yet he continued to walk, defying the mighty Sun. He was so frustrated with his life that he wanted to end it. End it on a sour note. He kept on walking, mentally calculating a number of ways by which he can end his own life.

Edward was in his early 30s. He was married and had 2 children for whom he would want to return back to his home, early from work. But it was something which was missing in his life for he had no job. It is harrowing that one could not find a job in Australia. Call it sheer bad luck or his Fate, it was the reality of Edward’s life. Seven days had passed and he and his family had survived on water and 1 slice of bread each. For his previous job, he worked like a trojan, But he was thrown out by his domineering boss. Maybe it was because of the fact that he was Jew.


“I wonder what to do? Should I eat poison? Or should I burn myself with fire? It will be better to jump off the cliff. Perhaps I should just run and I will die one day because of the excess lactic acid in my system”, he said looking up towards the sky; as if talking to God. He came to a halt in front of the city waste yard. “I should just find something razor sharp and stab myself to death”. Like a maniac he searched for a knife or a blade or a syringe or paper knife. He searched for anything which would end up his misery; the emotional trauma he was going through. All of a sudden , he found a piece of paper with “LOTTERY” written on it in capitals. “Here, what’s this?” , he said to himself, “Looks like a lottery ticket”. It was dated for the very next day. He never had enough resources to buy a lottery ticket. Finding one, that too in a garbage dump was no less than a miracle for him . ” Maybe this lottery ticket just helps me to feed my young ones. If I were to die, my death can wait for just one more day. Maybe I still have some last remains of luck with me. “, he said.

He got up quickly and rushed back to his home. His wife was waiting for him on doorsteps. “See I got a lottery ticket.”, he said to her. “What’s the use Edward. God is so unfair. He wont let us be in peace.”, Tiara said in a sad tone. “Just wait till tomorrow. Maybe we still have not run out of our luck”. Edward spent the day with his family. He was nervous and at the back of his mind, he was preparing himself to face the worst.

The next day Edward ran to get himself a newspaper. Every step till the newpaper seller’s shop felt as if he has iron rods tied to his legs. He finally reached there in 10 minutes. Panting , he asked for the newspaper.Suspense, fear, shock, happiness, curiosity, nervousness; all the emotions you can name; he felt in those 2 minutes while he was searching for the lottery number column like a maniac.
He finally found the column. Matching the digits one by one, he was stupefied for one minute and then he jumped up in joy.He  was on cloud nine.  Yes, he had won the lottery. He sprinted through the traffic and reached home. “Tiara..tiara”, he yelled, “We won. We won. We won the lottery. I need to rush to claim the ticket winnings. We we finally have proper food to eat, proper clothes to wear Tiara. I am so so so happyyyyyyyy”. Tiara and Edward hugged each other and jumped with joy. They cried and they laughed.

      The saying goes that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and this is one piece of “garbage” that won Edward and his family 100000 Australian dollars.



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