Love Rain
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The sudden rain during dusk shattered her beautiful thoughts. As the rain drops rushed down and plopped the earth, her thoughts also travelled down to the earth from heaven, her beautiful world was scattered. But she liked that feeling, she liked herself standing by the window & thinking about him, who had stolen her heart on this day……

That morning….

                “See you in the next class students…thank you”, said the teacher as he walked out of the classroom and all the students who were bored of the lecture, stabbed their heads onto the benches. As minutes passed, all of them opened their lunch boxes to feed their empty stomachs. The rest of the day they were expected to work like robots that were surrogated by teachers. As she was busy mixing her food, she sensed someone standing in front of her. Lifting her head slowly, she found her classmate, Vamsi, there. Frightened & frowned at his sudden presence, she questioned him with her eyes. Vamsi stood there smiling with a folded paper and a rose in hand. He started, “Sunita…this is for you….just take your own time and don’t get angry ok??…..I would wait for your answer….” He then left in a blink of an eye.

Sunita was sitting there, still with that spoon in her mouth, shocked. She couldn’t fathom what had happened just then. He had proposed to her & had hurried away. At that moment it was like she was out of the world, like she was in her uttermost and hundredth power of ambiguity. Right now her heart is pounding like a speed train. Thereafter, she did not listen to a single word by the professors, just vamsi’s but he was not in the class, he had bunked and he always does that. It was evening and she was on her way home. She got down from the college bus and walking on that silent road to home, she was carrying a battle ground in her heart. She felt as though she was in a war, a war between saying yes and no.

                These things had never happened in her life before. To her, love is different. It’s strange like an aliens’ world but beautiful like their magical powers. It’s dangerous like a nuclear explosion but pretty like a mushroom cloud after math. And finally, it’s frightening like Halloween but exciting like its screenplay. And now, all she can do is saying a yes or no, and that would be it.

                A girl’s decision about boys is quite perfect and highly exceptional like Galileo’s analysis for the required star and like ovum’s hiring of the perfect sperm.

                During the cloudy evening, as she was standing near the window with wet tangled hair that fell down to her chest, a sudden thought came to her mind, ”What’s in that letter???”

She ran to her room, locked the door from inside and she rushed to her bag to that letter. Firstly, she found the red rose he gave. She smiled at that flower and slowly lifted it and its sweet celestial smell raised tingles like a lemonade being sucked through a plastic straw. She sat on her study chair with the letter in hand and opened it with burning curiosity….


                        Your smile is my suffocation

                        Like life in Hitler’s gas chamber

                        But that’s my energy too

                        Like Popeye’s green spinach….


                        Come into me, be with me.

                        Like sodium and water,

                        You and I will have a blast & bright life…

                        And girl finally….

                        … must be that rain, which makes my life a green harvest.


            PS: if that heart is clouded, rain must come in green dress tomorrow.

Reading those lines, she evinced a smile of liking towards that letter and towards the naughty metamorphic head, who wrote these lines and when she finished, she slowly started hugging the letter to her heart and stopped when her mother called for supper.

                                She had the longest supper in her life, in which her fingers did salsa with colored rice, and she again stood by the window gazing at the deepening twilight. She started thinking about him. His face, his mischievous things, his funky bag, his straight hair, his letter, his words, his smile and the sudden rain ruined her every thought.


With a smile, she reached her wardrobe to check the green dress and went to sleep smiling.

In the morning…

It is not her usual morning, not a meditation to start with, not a study of an hour, not a long prayer and not a slow breakfast, she was in just rush. Right from her first blink of the day to her mom’s good-bye, she rushed out of home with an urge, unlike her exam days and seminar classes; this was a different rush, a new urge for a new season, in which every fruit ripe and every heart weeps with joy, with love.

No studying in the college bus, not even her iPod’s company or her classmate’s chatting bothered her. It was just her, sitting by the window, with last night’s smile still on her face which glowed like Cinderella’s white gown.

                The bus reached the college and she rushed to her classroom to meet Vamsi, but he was not there.

“Okay, It’s him, not me” she smiled on his coming late.

He came late every day. In between classes, opening the screechy door and entering with a naughty smile, but today he was too late. The first period was going on and he was still not there; second, third and its lunch break; she didn’t have lunch as she had lost her appetite. In a couple of hours’ span, she faced clear vision of dichotomy between bliss and sorrow. It was the period of morning to afternoon, where her every thought of happiness and eagerness disappeared and was replaced with disappointment and sorrow, because of his absence.

She didn’t know why but after sometime, every part of her was in rage and burning desperation towards Vamsi. But she doesn’t know that, desperation and urge in something like love may do harm.

Tired of being excited and tired of waiting, she kept quiet all the evening, didn’t have supper at night and went to bed earlier than normal.


The next day, the same things happened, but she had less excitement than before. Settling in her place in the classroom, she stuck her gaze at the door itself. It was 9.30, the start of the first period and he was still not there and he did not turn up the entire day. As the time passed, her rage increased. “What has happened to me? Why I am dying like this? I hate that I am being desperate. God, please get me out of this and make me strong.” Unlike her regular long prayers, it was just a whisper but with a strong desire which was thick like fog. She wondered how drastically her routine had changed in these two days.

Reaching home, she directly went to her room & collapsed on bed. “I am not feeling hungry ma,” she said to her mother. It was a very unusual answer which made her mom wonder when she called her for dinner. Instead of taking a bath and having her snack, she was on her bed, silent. Instead of her studying, she was on her bed, silent. It was late night and she still laid on her bed, crushing the pillow in between her neck and chin with dried path of tears on her cheeks and closed her eyes falling into a deep sleep.

Burning desperations never end; they may hide but would return with more fire than before

The next day…

                                It was a weekend. She usually liked Saturdays. Waking up with her mom’s slow calls, having a hair wash, scenting fumes all over the room and a perfect dish for breakfast. But this Saturday was different, rather empty. She woke up so late and that also with her mom’s loud scolding. Even those scented fumes didn’t make any change in her yester night’s mood. She clipped her wet hair and went out, leaving the perfect dish back on the table.

                Clouds were ruling the sky as were the thoughts in her mind. She tried hard to listen in classes but she couldn’t.

In the evening…

                In perfect synchronization with her mood, her mind and she walked. Dark clouds made the whole day dim and flagged their victory over the sun. She was walking amidst the campus to the buses. She walked slowly with her head bowed and her eyes reading her steps. A sudden thunder made her lift her head and her heart throbbed seeing Vamsi there. It was him; it was he who was standing under the tree and was looking at her. Her desperations returned and turned into fury and made her walk towards him with rage. In seconds, the distance of fifty feet between them turned into ten and then two.

                Vamsi stepped forward to say something, ‘Sunit….’ But he got a big slap. He was standing there, with his palm on his left cheek and his eyes in shock. Roaring thunders and lightning clouds joined them. Sunita, looked at him, with tears rolling down the cheeks. It was neither a question nor an answer. It was just a conclusion. No matter what the reason was but she just wanted to tell rather shout or better slap in her answer. So she chose the latter and Vamsi, stood there still with his palm on his cheek and unaware of the rain which fell on him. Rain poured down and bottom-lined the situation.

In every life, a rain must come, in which their heart should drown, that’s love rain.



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